Shanghai Customs Honda eCub Scooter

Since 2014, China-based company Shanghai Customs has been building custom designer motorcycles and electric bikes for those ‘braving the roads and dodging the rules’. However, the bespoke bike makers are still savvy enough to roll with the regulatory punches. In response to the high cost of motorcycle plates in China, Shanghai’s craftsmen recently turned their attention to the mighty scooter, specifically a classic 1950s Honda Cub. The result is the Shanghai Customs Honda eCub, a stylish electric stunner that creates zero emissions, hides all the wiring and goes up 30 mph.

ecub custom designer motorcycles

For the project, Shanghai Customs brilliantly contemporised the original Cub while retaining its aesthetic integrity. Inside the custom box that once housed an engine are now battery packs and a battery management system. Controlling the bike is a three-wire motorcycle-styled throttle that gives off the same veritable snap of a carburetor. That’s joined by three types of regenerative braking: switch, throttle and variable. The headlamp, brake lights and blinkers are all LED.

ecub black color motorcycles

Given how the wiring is cleverly concealed within the framework, the Honda eCub gives off a formidable diesel chugging vibe. Meanwhile, the exact opposite is true. It’s the best of old school meeting the best of new school. We like to call that win/win.

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