Shelving Bikes? Vadolibero Makes Gloriously Presents Your Bike

Don’t just leave your bike anywhere. Give it its own display with all your other biking accessories on the Vadolibero Bike Shelf. Both functional and aesthetic, the bike shelf is a take on the look and convenience of shelving books (duh). Made from oakwood, the bike shelf also features a ‘clothes rack’ (in the shape of a GIGANTIC handlebar) which is actually an touch-function LED lamp, side hangers to hang your bag and helmet, a drawer, as well as ACTUAL shelves, where you can put the rest of your biking gear, and books too I suppose… (Side unit not included). The bike shelf has a modular structure, where the base can hold bikes of every type and size by using a stainless steel universal clamp. It’s very customisable, with the ability to add drawers or an extra side unit for that extra space needed. Proudly display your biking prowess with the Bike Shelf, an extravagant way to show that you cycle seriously.

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Vadolibero Bike Shelf 1

shelving bike shelf shape

all thing shelving bike shelf

all thing shelving bike shelf main frame

shelving bike shelf storage