Sleek, Sexy & Sophisticated – 2016 Jaguar XE Review

As a brand rich in prestige, the latest cars in Jaguar’s lineup has been been impressive thus far and the new Jaguar XE  doesn’t disappoint. Test driving this baby was a pleasure.

aguar xe review car side view

The company’s latest “cat” is the XE.  With the new Jaguar XE, Brawn meets British flair.  It was first presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2014.  The XE is a compact executive vehicle bred with the distinction of being the first car in its class to have aluminum monocoque framework.  The use of aluminum extensively featured in this car enables it to be lightweight yet durable.


aguar xe review car side logo

Affiliation with Land Rover has benefitted the XE with the development of All Surface Progress Control (ASPC).  With this system any loss of control in low-grip situations are detected, and traction is electronically gained in seconds.  ASPC is designed to assist with driving in wet pavement, snow-covered areas and circumstances where low grip is evident.  Activated by using the cruise control switches on the steering wheel, ASPC is only available with automatic transmissions, and it is enhanced with the use of winter tires.  The XE is also the first Jaguar to feature electric power steering.  This special feature utilizes less energy while providing outstanding performance, keeping it firmly planted at the same time.  Jaguar Drive Control allows driving in Normal, Winter, Eco and Dynamic settings for a custom drive on every trip.


To make driving more safe, secure and satisfying, Jaguar has unleashed a wealth of technological advancements.  Laser technology was employed to create an industry-first head-up display system that projects high-contrast full-color images right within sight of the driver so they can receive pertinent information while keeping their eyes focused on the road ahead.

aguar xe review car inside

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) was developed by using a high-quality sensor which provides a 3D image of the road.  The camera is located in front of the rear view mirror, is forward-facing and detects vehicles up to 100 meters away.  In the event the AEB detects a possible collision the driver is alerted by a visual warning in the instrument panel and, if available, the head-up display.

The available Blind Spot Monitoring alerts the driver to potential danger by detecting other motorists coming up too fast and too close.  It operates in a medium range of 24GHz through sensors that flash icons in the rear view mirror.

aguar xe review car wheel

Parking in tight spots will be a breeze with the Jaguar XE, thanks to the park assist feature.  There is both a steering function for sensing parking space going into a spot, and an exit-assist function that helps the driver come back out.


aguar xe review car door handle

The seductive aesthetic of the Jaguar XE is not to be underestimated.  Because of the aerodynamic lines, the car slices through the wind assuring smooth and exhilarating motoring.

With the new XE the design focus was elegant lines that resulted in practicality and efficiency.  The low profile delivers a low drag coefficient of Cd 0.26, which is considered the  lowest in any Jaguar ever produced.

aguar xe review car rear

Jaguar now has the privilege of employing it’s own architecture.  Previous cars were limited to Ford Motor Company’s platforms due to Ford’s prior ownership of the brand.  That meant front wheel drive configurations, which is known for impairment of true sportscar driving characteristics.  With Jaguar back in control of design elements a clean slate is established which translates to  innovative possibilities for future models.


aguar xe review car steering

The center of entertainment and information is an 8-inch touchscreen LED display that provides voice control should drivers not want to fiddle with controls and system menus.  Simply speak plainly into the device and get a wealth of data while staying focused on the road.  Inside the XE, the cabin is quiet and luxurious.  Sumptuous Leather and rich wood accents surround the occupants, and provides sound-proof shelter to engulf in the concert that only the Meridian premium audio sound system can deliver.


aguar xe review car seats

Touted as the smallest, lightest, stiffest Jaguar ever, the XE features the following:  high-efficiency 2.0 liter Ingenium diesel powerplant, available Supercharged 3.0 liter V6, Six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic transmissions, performance-oriented rear wheel drive configuration, Aluminum-intensive monocoque, low-profile aerodynamic presence, double wishbone and Integral Link suspension that gives sporty handling and smooth ride, deployable body structure which augments passenger safety and summons the Jaguar motto “How Alive Are You?”

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