The Solar Dream Catamaran Is Eco-friendly and Luxurious

Eco-friendly designs have gained massive popularity over recent years. Now, yacht designers are jumping on the green movement and finding ways to make their vessels friendlier to the environment. Eco-friendly marine technology has improved quite a bit over the years. As a result, yacht designers are developing some amazing solar-powered yachts.

solar dream catamaran luxury jurney

One of the most impressive eco-friendly yachts recently introduced the Solar Dream Catamaran. Turkish shipyard Ned Ship Group is well-known for their experience with producing zero-emission and solar powered yachts. They teamed up with Swedish yacht designer Dennis Ingemansson to design the 42-meter Solar Dream Catamaran.

Meant to be spacious and efficient, this catamaran was designed for the yacht owner that is interested in both luxury and eco-friendly cruising.

solar dream catamaran luxury design

Powered by a hybrid propulsion system, the eco-friendly Solar Dream is efficient and reliable. It has a 360-square meter solar cell area. The hybrid propulsion solution provides additional e-engines for cruising. This vessel can reach a maximum cruising speed of 22 knots.

The sleek design and adjustable mast allow the Solar Dream to navigate under bridges easily.
This catamaran has a very broad hull beam and weighs 1000 tons.

solar dream catamaran luxury lop look

There are four decks on the Solar Dream Catamaran. The large Captain’s Deck features a pool and entertaining area. With 580 square meters of living space, there is plenty of room for relaxing and entertaining. There are three guest rooms, which can accommodate a total of eight guests. Also, there is additional space for up to four crew members. A spacious captain’s stateroom ensures that the captain is comfortable.

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