Solar Sail in Style – Solaris Global Cruiser

Solar Sail in Style – Solaris Global Cruiser
October 31, 2016 Man of Many

Solar Sail in Style – Solaris Global Cruiser

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Being environmentally friendly is slowly becoming an expectation in the modern world. And Duffy London has exceeded these expectations in the biggest and luxurious way.


Introducing the Solaris Global Cruiser, a solar-powered yacht that provides clean fuel. Cruise around the seas soundlessly and swiftly with this unparalleled creation. The strong shell negates the constantly changing weather conditions that impacts the speed and direction of travel. As fantastic opulent motor yachts are, the fuel used is generally expensive, dirty and noisy causing negative impact to our environment whilst travelling short distances until they need refueling.


Duffy London’s latest creation addresses this with its alcohol turbine generator that are used to extend sailing distance or add power for shorter and faster speed bursts. With an expected release date in 2020, there is a wait time. But as we all know, good things take time. And this guaranteed will be more than good. The prosperous with deep pockets can sail sumptuously with the Solaris Global Cruiser.

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