Spare $850k? Get Yourself This Aston Martin DB4

The early 1950s were a bit like the awkward final teenage years for Aston Martin Motors. While today legendary, at the time they were still ironing out the kinks so to speak, making their engines more efficient, creating ways to make lighter, sturdier frames and bodywork and all the while smoothing out the edges of their now iconic coupe design. By the end of the 1950s they’d had their first kiss, finished school and were ready to take on the world with this, the DB4.

aston martin db4 car front

The pre-cursor to arguably their greatest ongoing advertisement (Sean Connery hooning around in a silver DB5 in the film Goldfinger) was to build a car that would compete with the other manufacturing greats as a luxury tourer, and the DB4 didn’t disappoint. The original in-house designed chassis was too flexible, so David Brown turned to Italian design outfit Carrozzeria Touring, who had by this stage perfected the ‘Superleggera’ (super lightweight) method of coach building.

aston martin db4 car inside

The perfectly rigid, lightweight frame was fitted with aluminium body panels, then a 3.7 litre inline six cylinder engine which punched out a whopping 240 ponies at 5500 rpm. Up for auction here is an example of the Series II, which saw some major technical improvements on the first DB4 offering and is generally considered by collectors to be the best of the era. Only up to its third owner ever, it’s presented in its original Goodwood Green exterior / Sherwood Red interior combination and is a left-hand drive to boot, making it ultra desirable. Looking set to fetch over $850 000 AUD at auction next week, whoever the lucky buyer is won’t just end up with a piece of motoring history but a seriously fun way to show off on their next long drive.

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aston martin db4 car engine

standing beside ocean aston martin db4 car

aston martin db4 car gear