The Stator Self-Balancing Electric Bike Has the Cool of a Skateboard

The Stator Self-Balancing Electric Bike has a laid-back style reminiscent of skateboarder coasting down a hill. The bike is little more than a platform with two fat wheels on either end. A balance bar comes up in the front and houses the throttle, horn, brake, power, and key lock. The rear wheel houses a direct drive 3-phase brushless DC motor that can put out 1,000W for a top speed of twenty-five miles per hour and a range of twenty miles. You can even customize the “bike” (though it’s a scooter) with options like a seat, utility racks, lights, and a phone charger.

stator electric bike side view

What’s most appealing about the bike, though, is its attitude. There’s no muss or fuss with it. You just step on, twist the throttle handle, and away you go. When you stop, no worries there either. Just hop off and walk away—no kickstands or finding someplace to lean it against something. Unlike other scooters, the Stator allows you to stand with your feet perpendicular to the 20-inch wide board, instead of having to adopt an unnatural parallel posture. Plus, it can carry up to 250 pounds.

stator self balancing electric bike

An added bonus to the design is that it only takes four hours to get a complete charge. It also utilizes regenerative braking to keep charge levels up.

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stator handle electric bike