Supercharged SUV – Lamborghini Urus

The Lamborghini Urus, long believed to go the way of many concept cars and never make it to the production stage, looks set to become reality from 2018. First revealed as a concept car back in 2012, the Urus will become the third model to hit the production line at the new Lamborghini factory at their headquarters in Sant’Agata, Italy.

Whilst nothing has been officially confirmed, the Urus will likely become the fastest production SUV in the world once it hits the market. Rumours suggest it will pack a turbocharged V8 engine, with the potential for hybrid power and a top speed above 300 km/h.

lamborghini urus car side view

The Lamborghini enthusiasts at LamboCars have rendered a couple of mockups of potential Urus designs, but Lamborghini themselves confirmed only one model would be available at launch. Regardless of how it eventually shapes up, it’s fair to say picking the kids up from soccer practice will never be the same again.

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