Suzuki GSXR1000 Concept From Holographic Hammer

Of all the crazy concept vehicles that fly through my inbox, this Suzuki GSXR1000 looks like one of the more fun and potentially realistic rides trending on the interwebs at the moment. Hailing from Paris, designer Sylvain Bergeron of design studio Holographic Hammer has mocked up this brutal beast of a crotch rocket, with a rear wheel that looks like it could rip through the most rugged of mud-coated terrain, or even propel you through a snow field (the addition of the snow chains alone tells you it means business.)

It obviously sports a Red Bull logo on the fuel tank (nothing says ‘extreme sports’ like some form of energy drink sponsorship) and despite its modern looking wheels and engine kit, has some cool vintage, almost steampunk styling around the front headlight extending back to the surprisingly comfy looking saddle. While most concepts don’t make it past the 3D imaging software on which they’re built, this one doesn’t look like it’s a far cry from reality and it would be grand to see an industrious designer get their hands on an existing GSXR1000, pull it apart and make this cool bike a tangible set of wheels.

Check it out