Switch it Up with the Rplate Digital License Plate

It seems that every other day something else is being automated. Picture frames, processes, even jobs. Some of these are beneficial, but a lot seem excessive or even ineffective… the Rplate Pro from Reviver Auto is anything but unimpressive.

The Rplate Pro transitions your aged and uninspiring stamped metal vehicle license plate into something from this era. An awesome-looking, multi-functional digital display, that delivers numerous functions for businesses, government agencies, and especially consumers.

The Rplate Pro is a fully functional license plate and is compliant with state standards in California and Arizona. A 6” x 12” the Rplate Pro replaces the traditional license plate on almost all vehicles.

To make sure your new piece of equipment doesn’t go walking, the Rplate Pro comes with custom tamper-proofing hardware and additional anti-theft features. The Rplate pro is secure in more than one way as the crisp, light, and reflective screen is easily readable, even more so than contemporary plates, in all weather conditions.

Standard digital plates are easily customized into vanity or special interest plates. Multiple designs are ready to applied to your plate on day one and the Rplate provides new branding opportunities for states, cities, and other institutions.

Check it out

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