The SZ Equilibrium Bike Is Perfect for Eco-Friendly Commutes

Designed for real riding enthusiasts, the SZ Equilibrium bike provides a smooth riding experience for the daily commute to work or school. This bike is for those individuals that that prefer cycling to other forms of transportation. If you want to improve your quality of life and reduce pollution—the S7 is for you.

the sz equilibrium bike is perfect

This bike was engineered with lightweight aluminium for the handlebar, seat tube and frame. Carbon fibre was used for the front fork. These materials ensure that the bike is lightweight and fast—making it great for hauling up the stairs to your flat.

the sz equilibrium nice bike

Bicycle theft can be a real problem in most cities. If you are a serious cyclist, you have probably had a bike stolen no matter if you have it locked or not. The Equilibrium comes with an anti-theft system that features a piercing 120-decibel siren. If someone even lightly touches the bike, this siren shrieks loudly. This should be enough to scare away just about any thief.

the sz equilibrium disc braking system bike

The Equilibrium features a 2-speed automatic shifting hub. This allows you to select the right gear ratio for your particular speed. A clutch mechanism selects the speed automatically and then changes gears as soon as you select low or high.

For any lengthy ride, the right saddle is a must. The SZ Equilibrium bike comes with a soft Spyder Saddle. It is made with flexible plastic material that keeps the seat soft while maintaining its form. Other features include a LED tail light, CNC machined pedals and disc braking system.

the sz equilibrium led tail light system bike

The SZ Equilibrium is customizable. Buyers can choose the rim and frame colours. Several different accessories are available for this bike as well. It is now available for pre-order for September 2017 shipment.

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