Tailored to Perfection: Rolls Royce X The Bespoke Corner

For the first time in Sydney, über luxury car marque Rolls Royce have paired with internationally renowned tailors The Bespoke Corner to collaborate on two tuxedo jackets which embody the style, quality and elegance of the auto maker, each jacket designed to reflect one of Rolls Royce’s most well known traits.

rolls royce new style

The Starlight Tuxedo has been made from a specially commissioned silver lurex, and is reflective of the famous ‘starlight’ headliner featured in the hard-top versions of the Wraith and Ghost models. These vehicles house 1340 fibre-optics in the leather-clad ceiling, which sparkle like stars and are fully customisable to the rider’s preferences. The Starlight Tuxedo is strictly limited to 20 jackets.

rolls royce new designed jacket

The Classic Velvet Plum Tuxedo is a nod to the seemingly endless selection of colours on offer to Rolls Royce customers, an astounding 44 000 (not to mention the custom colours often mixed for the exterior and named solely for individual clients, upon request). The fabric, a rich blend of cotton and silk, has been specially sourced by The Bespoke Corner with no remaining examples available, limiting this coat to 10 pieces.

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The collaboration is symbolic of Rolls Royce’s attitude towards coachwork and craftsmanship; that buying a Rolls is more like getting a suit tailored than it is simply buying a new car, with every detail carefully selected to befit the customer.

Rolls Royce Motor Cars Sydney, NSW’s exclusive dealer of new Rolls Royce vehicles, will celebrate this collaboration tonight at an exclusive party hosted with partners American Express Centurion, Vacheron Constantin and Balvenie Whisky, for 80 lucky guests.

The Bespoke Corner

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