Take a Look at Confederate’s Latest G2 P51 Combat Fighter Model

When you hear G2-P51 Combat Fighter, you might think of Top Gun and fighter jets. The Confederate G2-P51 Combat is anything but that, still a monster of a machine but still a motorcycle. A stout, masculine machine, the P51 is similar to other motorcycles in the Fighter series, using a massive aluminium tube for a spine frame as well as a fuel tank, having transparent portholes for both gas and oil on the sides. It has massive billet girders, carved like the rest of the chassis from solid 6061 aluminium alloy. The engine puts out an estimated 200 plus horsepower capacity, and with beveled leading edges of the forks adding to an integrated aesthetic, this motorcycle basically screams machismo American. Definitely an unconventional, meched-up motorcycle that looks like something that would be seen in G.I. Joe, but the straight-line performance of the G2-P51 Combat Fighter doesn’t lie.

g2 p51 combat fighter motorcycle engine

g2 p51 combat fighter motorcycle design