Renault’s R.S. 2027 – The future of Formula One

Renault just unveiled its R.S. 2027 Vision for the F1 car of the future at the Shanghai Motor Show. Renault demonstrated their commitment to building Formula One race cars with the Renault R.S. 2027. This is the automaker’s vision of what Formula One racing cars will perform and look like a decade from today.

Renault’s R.S. 2027 is faster, safer and more eco-friendly than the Formula One racers of today. The specs for the R.S. 2027 includes an electric motor that outputs one megawatt of power and generates 1,300 horsepower. The R.S. 2027 weighs just 600 kg. Current F1 racers weigh more than 700 kg and only produce about 950 horsepower.

The R.S. 2027 features all-wheel drive. Current power issues prevent the Formula 1 cars of today from having all-wheel drive. The electric motor on the R.S. 2027 makes four-wheel drive possible. The concept also features four-wheel steering.

A transparent cockpit that allows supporters to get a better view of the driver behind the wheel. The driver’s helmet is transparent, which allows fans to see the faces of the driver’s as they speed along. A clear canopy covers the cockpit. Equipping a race car with a canopy provides more safety than today’s open racing cars. Also, it would decrease visibility at all since it is transparent. The cockpit is 3D printed to fit around the driver.

LED lighting on the wheels will show driver information like energy reserve and track position. Other updates include adjustable zero, enhanced electrification and perhaps most exciting of all—autonomous modes for driving in the pit lane or safety car periods. This feature would help reduce the likelihood of accidents like the one that led to the death of Jules Bianchi. Select vehicle communications would help let drivers know where the competition is on track.

The R.S. 2027 is a pretty unbelievable race car. Hopefully, this car will be the one that racing fans will see whizzing around the tracks in the future.

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