Ta+Too Saddle

Selle Royal has a very specific vision for bicycle riders in very specific urban environments. Bike seats are a particularly vulnerable part of a bicycle. Vandals, neighborhood punks, evil cats, and the ravages of the weather all conspire to wreak havoc with the upholstery on bicycle seats.

ta too saddle different color

If you’re an urban dwelling hipster who lives and dies on his bike- then you know this well. Your bike seat has to be large and soft enough to support your butt while being small enough to not make your bike unwieldy. That means it has to be rather delicate. So if you want it to last, what can you do? Take it off when you go inside, of course. Okay, so break out your Allen wrench and get to work. But you’ll surely tire of that and eventually leave your seat out where the wolves and the weather will eat it off the top of your bike.

Enter the Ta+Too Saddle. The Ta+Too by Selle Royal has a lot of features. It adjusts to the rider easily using innovative mechanical components. But most importantly, the upholstered top comes off easily so that you don’t have to leave it out in the weather.

ta too saddle mix white and red color

Anyone who rides a bike on the reg knows how important the health of the seat is to the happiness of the rider- and the Ta+Too Saddle is made especially to help riders protect their precious seats, by protecting their precious seats.

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