Tern It Up – Tern Elektron E-Bike

In our eco-conscious modern world, the idea of sustainable power has become one of the pillars of society. Whilst electric bikes are simply one of many options when it comes to environmentally-friendly transport, the Tern Elektron looks set to further make the case for electric bikes as the rides of the future.

The bike is powered by the Bosch electric-bike system to assist riders with hills, headwinds and any other hassles that come with the territory of life on two-wheels. It’s German engineering at its finest, offering fast charging and good mileage – the staples of electric bike technology.

tern elektron e bike electric handle

But what sets the Elektron apart is its unique ability to fold up in 10 seconds to give cyclists a compact, convenient ride. If weather conditions become a problem, or your commute home involves public transport, the Elektron’s folding technology means you can simply take it with you wherever you need to go.

 tern elektron e bike sustainable transport system

It’s currently launching on Kickstarter, so take a look if compact, sustainable transport sounds like your cup of tea.

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