The Copperstate Overland Edition FJ43 Toyota Land Cruiser

The Copperstate Overland, a four day rally held annually by the Men’s Art Council in Arizona, is a niche event that sees lucky participants exposed to some of the most beautiful scenery of Northern America from behind the wheel of their trusty vintage 4×4. While only 25 entries are accepted each year, the good people at custom vehicle outfitter The FJ Company have collaborated to create this born-again Toyota Land Cruiser and, when you have a look at the job they’ve done, it’s easy to see how these cars keep making a comeback.

fj43 toyota land cruiser side

This particular truck, the FJ43, was originally imported from Japan to Colombia as a means of transporting workers into remote regions and was found by the guys at FJ in reasonably good kit, making it a perfect candidate for the Copperstate Overland makeover treatment. It’s been decked-out to the nines with all the modern gadgetry and mechanical pedigree required for a four day bollocking in the wilderness, and then some, and will surely be a talking point for years to come. Up for grabs at auction next month, it comes with an automatic entry into the Copperstate Overland rally and we think that whoever takes out the highest bid is one lucky trucker.

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