The ‘Viscious Cycle’ Bike

Collaboration between retired frame-builder, Duncan MacIntyre and composite specialist, Anton Dekker created ‘The Vicious Cycle’. Dekker produces bespoke components for high-end sportscars such as Ferrari and Porsche. There is a limited edition of ten of these sought after cycles. What cycling enthusiast wouldn’t want to be one of the lucky ten? The bike screams success to the world at large. MacIntyre built frames for notables such as SA Track Cyclist Malcolm Cochrane and SA Olympic contender Timothy Abbot. The bespoke tri-spoke carbon wheels were made for the Vicious Cycle by Anton Dekker and team. Gustav Greffrath created the logo, which is hand-drawn and represents movement, speed and craftsmanship. Tooling down the road on this baby represents your achievement of owning the finest things in life.

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