This Bespoke McLaren Will Blow You Away

McLaren automobiles have been ripping through the streets for years, with some of the fastest, leanest and most impressive vehicles that have ever been made. The company has a lesser known bespoke team which takes on small projects with huge results. Known as McLaren Special Operations, the bespoke division has announced the creation of the MSO Carbon Series LT. There are only twenty five being made worldwide, so the release is as limited as they come.

bespoke mclaren top side

The MSO Carbon Series LT is based on the 675LT Spider, and was produced in response to requests from McLaren customers captivated by the visual carbon fiber bodied McLaren P1 which was seen at the Geneva Motor Show. The MSO Carbon Series LT was developed with a focus on light weight and optimal aerodynamic performance. By applying gloss carbon fiber to the entire body, the performance remains legendary while the design becomes more brutal (in a good way) than ever.

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