Tradies Can Be Fancy Too – The Mercedes-Benz Concept X-Class

We at Man of Many strive to keep all our readers stylish, no matter what they’re doing. These readers include our beloved tradies. This one is for you. Gone are the days where you need to rove around in a Holden ute whilst carrying all your hardware. In a world where people are increasingly more self-conscious about their appearance in one way or another, German giants, Mercedes have introduced their Concept X-Class in two models; one for on-road, the other for off-road.

mercedes benz concept X truck

They have revolutionised the mid-size pick up industry by retaining the functionality of a ute, but also ensuring it looks attractive as one of its sophisticated C or S Class models. They ensured that even the tradies can make a stylish statement. It’s safe to say that white-collar workers won’t be alone on the roads in the stylish department when it comes to their wheels.

Check it out

mercedes benz x class pickup

mercedes x class interior

mercedes benz x class silver

mercedes benz x class silver side view

mercedes benz x class suv on the road

mercedes benz x pickup interior