A Truck the Surfers Can Ride – Colorado Z71 Surf Truck

Surfing apparel big boys Hurley and American automotive manufacturer Chevrolet have paired up to design a special edition truck for wave riders out there. The Colorado Z71 was created to ensure surfers can get around with functionality and style. The lifted suspension, 17-inch wheels and all-terrain tires will help surfers tackle the conditions in remote areas.

colorado z71 surf truck angled shape

There’s also a waterproof RFID wristband, which is a bracelet to be worn in the water that unlocks the truck, cool hey? Throw in some waterproof seats, a rollout Thule drying rack and a Wi-Fi hotspot for navigation and wave forecasts, and you’ll got here a beast of a ride. At the moment, it remains in the concept stage, as the truck was designed to test the reaction and response before it would be officially booked in for production. I believe it will be a success, particularly with the waterproof wristband that acts as a lock.

colorado z71 surf truck back side

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