vanmoof x ade side view

Touted as the fastest way to cruise from one party to another, VANMOOF x ADE is the latest addition to the minimalist VANMOOF bikes lineup originating from the Netherlands. Featuring 28’’ wheels and fully anodized aluminium frame (13kg), VANMOOF x ADE bike comes with at least a pair of remarkable traits that make it stand out (obviously apart from its looks). VANMOOF x ADE bike is offered with a built-in ABUS locking system and with integrated LED lighting provided courtesy of Philips. As with other VANMOOF offerings, the new arrival is offered in two versions in terms of gears, including “archetypically Amsterdam” (single speed), or “San Francisco suitability” (Shimano 7 speed integrated hub), so the choice is yours according to the number of hills you see around, or the strength of your leg muscles. €698

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