The Volata is the Evolution of the Bicycle

The Volata is the ultimate evolution of the bicycle and features a series of long overdue enhancements. The bicycle finally joins the internet of things with all the information you could want to know available at a glance right on your handlebar. The 2.4-inch display shares fitness progress, weather alerts, directions and even interacts with your smartphone to display notifications.

volata evolution bicycle mediumres

The computer is controlled with a thumb joystick on the handlebars. Automated lights, horn and a GPS locator mean you ride safer and know where your bike is at all times. The electronics are charged via a built-in dynamo so there’s no need to worry about charging the bike.

volata evolution bicycle body shape

Volata offers the perfect balance between sports and utility. It’s unique Italian design meets high technology because a quality bike is about functionality as well as aesthetics. It will be your smoothest and quietest ride ever, thanks to the belt-drive transmission paired with a Shimano Alfine Di2 with electronic shifting.

volata cycles launch preview 2

The advanced electronics deliver smart digital features to create a one-of-a-kind biking experience. Plus, the maintenance-free components provide a hassle-free ride. The Volata is available now for pre-order and will begin shipping in mid-2017.

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