Volvo to Release Affordable Electric Car in 2019

Volvo has big plans for electric vehicles. The company said that they plan to sell one million electric vehicles by 2025. Although the Swedish automaker currently has several hybrids, they do not have an all-electric car. It looks like that is about to change.

Volvo recently made it clear that they are following through on plans to mass produce an all-electric vehicle. CEO Lex Kerssemakers announced at the Geneva Motor Show that Volvo intends to release a long-range electric car—and the most surprising thing of all is that it will start at just $48,000 UAD. The eco-friendly vehicle is expected to be unveiled sometime in 2019 and go on sale in 2020.

volvo electric car architecture

Volvo is looking to China for the future of its electric vehicles. The company will produce the vehicle at its plant in Luqiao and export the car it over the world, which explains how they can create an electric auto that carries such a low price tag. Although most car manufacturers have factories in China, they meet the needs of local demand rather than mass produce vehicles. Volvo will be the first automaker to do a major export from China.

volvo electric car charging

Volvo has not announced whether its first electric vehicle will be a car or SUV. However, it is expected to be based on Compact Modular Architecture, which is a state-of-the-art platform designed by Volvo. Because of the flexibility of this base, there is a potential to develop many different models, including an SUV or a smaller sedan.

volvo electric car window

The Volvo electric vehicle will offer a range of around 400 kilometres when fully charged and have a 100 kWh battery. In comparison, Tesla’s Model S 100D has a range of about 539 kilometres and cost twice as much as the Volvo’s expected price range. This fact should make Volvo a strong contender in the electric vehicle showdown.

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