Watch How the Range Rover Has Evolved over the Years

One of the most iconic vehicles on the road, the Range Rover has now been on the market for 48 years. Land Rover has introduced the world to some of the best engineering and design with the Range Rover. Now, to celebrate the launch of the newest Range Rover, the 550-hp Autobiography Dynamic model, Land Rover has released a video that captures the engineering and design innovation that has gone into designing this SUV over the almost last half-century that is has been on the road.

Quite a bit has changed since the Land Rover was introduced in 1969. The first models were rugged, upright SUV’s while the latest ones have powerful capabilities and comfortable, luxurious interiors. Regardless of the changes, what is illustrated in the video is that the classic design has remained the same throughout the years. In addition, the Range Rover has been a pioneer in the SUV segment. It was the first SUV to feature permanent 4-wheel drive. It was also the first to introduce aluminum underbody construction, automatic air suspension, electronic traction control and antilock brakes.

Now, almost a half-century later, the Range Rover is still considered the gold standard for full-size luxury SUVs. Land Rover continues to innovative and refine with its newest model, the 550-hp Autobiography Dynamic, which offers unbelievable performance and exceptional refinement for an SUV.

The video is a great way to see the key moments in Range Rover’s evolution and how Land Rover builds on each generation before it.

Check it out

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