A red Ferrari F40 on fire on a road

This Video of a Ferrari F40 on Fire in Monaco Will Make You Wanna Cry

Whether you’re a car aficionado or not, the sight of a Ferrari F40 engulfed in flames is a devastating any day of the week. Even if it occurs at the home of exotic sports cars, Monaco.

This is exactly what happened yesterday when the bystanders on the streets of the Principality were left astonished by the rather opulent day-time bonfire. As you can see from the Instagram videos, it seems as if the fire originated in the engine compartment before enveloping the rest of the extremely rare ‘rari.

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These days, it’ll cost you about AUD $1,400,000 – flames not included – to park a Ferrari F40 in your garage. Seen by most enthusiasts as one of the best Ferraris ever built and the last model ever signed-off on by Enzo Ferrari. We suspect il Commendatore is rolling over in his grave.

If you look closely at the second video, you’ll spot the bold attempt from a local to put the flames out with his garden hose. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, we do believe there was very little left after the Firies extinguished the flames. May she rest in peace.