The Whitefox Is the Perfect Snowmobile for Families

Snowmobiling can be a fun family activity, but a big problem is that kids often get cranky when it’s cold out, turning the activity into something not so fun.

Developed by Canadian engineer and innovator Charles Bombardier, the White Fox Snowmobile is a concept vehicle that makes snowmobiling fun no matter how cold the weather. It was designed with basic creature comforts to make playing in the snow a little more fun. The Whitefox comes with heated seats. It also has a standard steering wheel instead of handlebars and features modified power steering. These two things make it easier to steer when it is super cold. There is enough seating for four people. Also, there is plenty of room for gear and even ski and snowboard mounts on the top of the frame.

whitefox perfect snowmobile side

Powered by a 165-horsepower Rotax 850 E-TEC engine, this snowmobile can handle most mountainscapes. The body is constructed of aluminium, which is tough and durable, yet lightweight. The snowmobile weighs in at less than 900 pounds. Pop-down wheels, located on the snowmobile’s skis, help facilitate turning on hard surfaces.

If you are looking to have a little winter fun with the whole family, the Whitefox would be the perfect vehicle for the job. Since it is currently only a concept, we can only hope that it will be built as it looks pretty awesome.

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