Working the Night Shift is Electric

With electronic cars becoming less a concept of the future and more of a reality with each passing day, it was never going to be long before hobbyists started tinkering with the idea of fully electric motorbikes. Enter plucky young bright spark Matt Candler. The New-Orleans based Candler has been busy in his garage, toying away with his tools and a few re-purposed small vehicle batteries to build some beautiful works of motorcycle art. His vision is titled Night Shift Bikes and it hinges on the simple philosophy that getting the world off its addiction to petroleum is a top idea. Oh, and also that bikes are fun.

night shift bike feature

He’s a fan of anything handmade and such dedication to original craftsmanship shows through in his many creations. With the current models looking more like café racers, he’s got a few more in the pipeline that look like they could turn some serious heads at soon-to-be motor shows (take a peek at his Instagram for the latest), while simultaneously winning the hearts of environmentally conscious bikers the world over.

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night shift bike design