You’ll Never Believe What Led to the Origin of Lamborghini

Lamborghini and Ferrari have a lot in common. They both design some of the best and most expensive supercars in the world. Both have animals on their badges—the prancing stallion and the raging bull. In spite of all of their similarities, the two automakers are not on the same side of anything. In fact, they were rivals even before Lamborghini began building sports cars.

lamborghini car open doors

A YouTube video called Vehicular Vengeance: The Origin of Lamborghini by Great Big Story, tells about two automakers rivalry—all the way from the beginning. The video recounts how a disagreement with Ferrari led Lamborghini to enter the sports car business.

Lamborghini started out building tractors. He became quite successful and decided to buy a Ferrari. The problem began when Lamborghini noticed several things wrong with his Ferrari. It was rough, noisy and required frequent clutch repairs. Since Lamborghini knew quite a bit about mechanics, he decided that he would go straight to Ferrari and tell the automaker about the problems with his car as well as offer Ferrari advice about how to make the car better.

front side lamborghini car

At the time, Ferrari was at the top of the sports car business. He had no rivals and did not appreciate the young tractor maker’s criticism. Ferrari berated Lamborghini—telling him that he did not know anything about cars and that the problem was with the driver. Here is another piece of advice the automaker had for Lamborghini—stick to making tractors. Ferrari didn’t need advice from an amateur.

Needless to say, Lamborghini became enraged with Ferrari’s response to his complaints. So, he set out on a mission to build his sports cars—just to spite Ferrari. The first thing that he did was steal some of Ferrari’s best ex-employees. Lamborghini then focused on beating Ferrari at his own game. The rest is history.

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