Is a $199 Smartphone Worth It?

In collaboration with Boost Mobile

These days buying a new smartphone or paying for a new plan is more or less like buying a new car (albeit on a much smaller scale). The options, brands and features are wide-ranging while the products themselves provide the same general functions. People now identify with their smartphones as reflections of their own personal identity. And just like with buying a car, everyone loves a good deal–especially Australians.

To bridge the gap between our love of a great deal and our love of a great phoneSamsung recently launched what’s being hailed as an “affordable premium” handset (the most affordable premium handset of 2016 in fact). The Samsung Galaxy J2 is available exclusively through Boost Mobile and it’s promising to deliver the same exceptional performance offered by similar models that can cost up to four times as much. But with this new lower cost/performance ratio we find ourselves asking the question: is a $199 smartphone really worth it?

capture a clear image with samsung smartphone

To answer that, one might ask a follow up question: what kind of smartphone user are you? For instance, are you someone who’s glued to their device every waking minute, gobbling up data like Pac-Man, streaming non-stop video of every event you attend? Or are you a somewhat more casual user who uses their smartphone to play games, communicate with friends, and snap a good picture when inspiration strikes? The good news is that something like the J2 was designed to meet the needs of both the heavy user and the casual consumer while keeping plenty left in the bank.

home key and charging port of smartphone

If you know anything about the Galaxy Series then you know it reflects the more premium range of Samsung’s smartphones. Given the cheaper price point however, the J2 is naturally more of a bare bones alternative to most Galaxy models, yet it nevertheless upholds the series’ impeccable standards of design and usability to the point where only smartphone junkies might notice the difference.

samsung smartphone flat display preview on table

Ultimately, the J2 represents a focus on what most modern users want from their phones: a good screen, a decent camera and good data coverage, at a drastically reduced rate. For the J2 that means a 4.7” super AMOLED display screen, a 5MP camera, and 4G coverage on the Telstra Mobile Network. It means the largest total data allowance of any prepaid plan in Australia on $25, $40 and $50 recharges over a 28 day period (excluding any other limited time offers). With the launch of the new Boost UNLTD+™ plans, it means more data to use any time, and everyone gets an extra 1GB to use each weekend! You also get unlimited calls and text to standard international numbers from Australia to 10 countries (including Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, UK and USA) on the $40 and $50 recharges. The $40 and $50 plans also include unlimited calls and text in Australia; while the $25 plan includes unlimited text and 100mins of standard national calls. Did someone say “value”?

smasung phone black display with a leaflet

Powering the phone and allowing for effortless Internet browsing is a reliable Quad Core 1.3GHZ processor. In the memory department, the J2 includes 8GB of on-board memory and then the potential for an additional 128GB of expandable memory through the use of a Micro SD card, a feature which plenty of other brand’s flagship models still don’t have. Take all these features and pack them into a phone designed with the same sleek and sturdy precision as other phones in the Galaxy Series and the answer becomes rather obvious: yes, a $199 smartphone is worth it.

samsung galaxy j2 leaflet in display

Pokemon Go?). They also discovered that 32% of Australians are willing to use little “white lies” in order to get a discount or upgrade. What Boost Mobile offers in this instance, is the freedom of a pre-paid plan with plenty of data and the added premium phone features enjoyed by more costly alternatives.

samsung smartphone charger headphone and prepaid sim

Let’s go back to the car analogy and tie that in to the two kinds of smartphone users we mentioned. Basically, there are guys out there who simply worship their vehicle. These are the obsessive types who buy a vintage Mustang and fix it up by hand, losing their minds when a bird poops on it or other cars park too close. Then you have pragmatic types who want a modern, affordable car that has working A/C and a respectable stereo system and smoothly gets them from point A to point B time and time again with no problems whatsoever.

samsung smartphone home screen preview on table

You already know which kind of user you are: obsessive or functional. The $199 Samsung Galaxy J2 is likely more for the functional user who looks up from their device every now and then, but still enjoys the luxuries offered by a premium smartphone. If that’s you then yes, of course it’s worth it so check out the Galaxy J2 now and start taking advantage of a phone and plan that caters exclusively to your desires.