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paul evans delivers handmade italian dress shoes

Paul Evans Delivers Handmade Italian Dress Shoes Direct To You

In Partnership with Paul Evans

It almost sounds too good to be true: premium dress shoes crafted in a small Italian factory and then sold directly to consumers at a reduced price? Yet that’s the operation in a nutshell over Paul Evans, where fantasy comes to life one stunning pair of dress shoes at a time. More to the point, the New York-based company specialises in Italian footwear of superior quality, and uses the power of the Internet to cut down on overhead expenses. Consequently, they’re able to sell a stunning range of luxury dress shoes directly to consumers at shockingly low prices. We’re talking around $370 USD for a pair of shoes that would normally cost around $800 USD at the nearest boutique. Sealing the deal is free shipping and a 365-day return policy. Affordable men’s footwear doesn’t get any better than this, folks.

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Where to even begin when it comes to the perks offered by this remarkable company. How about with the quality itself? Specifically, every Paul Evans shoe is made from the finest Italian calfskin leather (including the uppers, lining and matching leather soles), and then painted by hand. It all goes down in a single Napolitano factory, one that’s been crafting some of the best shoes in the world for generations. To ensure a lightweight, flexible and supremely comfortable feel, those crafty Italian artisans employ the Blake stitched method, which additionally allows the shoe to be resoled annually for longer use. Meanwhile, the hand-painted finish lends every piece in the range an undeniably striking patina, the kind that leaps off the screen in photos and looks even better on your feet.

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One might be wondering: just who is Paul Evans anyway? The brand comes to us from Evan Fript in New York with a passion for quality footwear, and a natural distaste for jacked up prices. In search of a solution, they went straight to the source: Italy, aka the global epicentre of men’s fashion. Their goal was simple: keep the cost down and the quality high. That prompted the co-founders to put their Wall Street negotiating skills to the test, as they cut deals around Italy in order to score premium calfskin leather. After even more exhaustive searching, Evan located a small factory in Naples that would give every pair of dress shoes the attention it deserved. The final piece to the puzzle was the decision to forego a storefront and market the shoes directly to consumers online, thereby cutting out all sorts of potential costs. Naturally, Evan passed those savings onto the customers. The result? Remarkable dress shoes that are designed in New York, made in Italy, sold at rock bottom prices and delivered straight to your door.

marrone nero colour paul evans shoes

Just a cursory glance at the Paul Evans catalogue will tell you these guys don’t merely aim for quality, but copious amounts of variety as well. Suffice to say, the brand’s selection is duly impressive, touting a broad range of styles and designs. Meanwhile, their best seller is the Martin Wholecut, which makes for the perfect wedding dress shoe among other things. Made from a single piece of Italian calfskin leather, and available in a striking colour of either marrone (brown) or nero (black), this acclaimed wholecut oxford simply emanates with sophistication. Also featured on the dress shoe are brand mainstays like Blake construction, matching leather sole and a hand-painted finish.

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Of course, the Martin Wholecut is but one pair among a slew of brilliant men’s dress shoes delivered by the brand. Elsewhere in the Paul Evans catalogue you’ll find an extraordinary range of loafers, boots, Oxfords, monk straps and even sneakers. Yes, sneakers. And not just any sneakers, but distinctive leather sneakers that are essentially unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Paul Evans also offers a modest selection of peripheral leather goods like belts and wallets, each piece flaunting the same tier of craftsmanship–not to mention the same lustrous patina–as the brand’s gorgeous footwear. And remember, you can buy it all directly online, and have it shipped straight to your door for free. If you don’t like what you receive (spoiler alert: that’s not gonna happen), you have a full year to send the product back for a full refund.

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While we’re not necessarily ones to argue with the brick and mortar experience, Paul Evans certainly makes a good case for taking the digital route. By cutting down on overhead, the brand reduces cost and only cost. Everything else–from the leather construction to the hand-painted finish–remains top of the line. As a result, you get top-shelf footwear at mid-range prices. It’s delivered straight to your door at no additional charge, and backed by a one-year guarantee. Put simply, this is classic Italian footwear combined with 21st century ingenuity. Stop overspending and check out Paul Evans ASAP. Your friends and co-workers simply won’t believe how much you saved until they visit the site themselves.

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