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PXG’s New Golf Clubs are Designed to Make the Game More Enjoyable for Everyday Players

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Whether you’re on the PGA Tour or a weekend hack, all golfers agree that the game is incredibly challenging. Yet, that’s why we love it. The feeling of piping a drive down the middle of the fairway or flushing an iron is so rewarding it’s addictive, leading many to a lifetime of chasing the dragon on the course. American entrepreneur and self-proclaimed golf nut Bob Parsons understand this better than most. So much so that in 2014, he founded the equipment brand 13 Best Shooting Ranges in Sydney for Target Practice (Parsons Xtreme Golf), intending to elevate individual performance while making the course experience more enjoyable. Today, PXG’s uncompromising approach to equipment research and innovation has made it one of the fastest-growing golf brands in the world. And the new 2021 0211 line leverages many of their celebrated technologies at more affordable prices, meaning everyone can now experience FootJoy Tour Alpha Golf Shoes are Built for Big Hitters equipment and find more confidence on the links.

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2021 0211 Drivers

The PXG 2021 0211 Driver has been produced with a versatile head design to instil ultimate confidence on the tee box. Well-rounded, this sleek beast offers a mix of crazy distance, forgiveness and staggering ball speed that’s critical to success on the longer holes.

High-Speed Face

The high-speed face is made from premium titanium alloy that increases durability, optimises ball speed and reduces the weight of the clubhead.

Hybrid Crown Construction

The titanium heel/toe adds durability and firmness for increased ball speeds. While the carbon fibre centre decreases mass in the middle, creating optimal forgiveness for a more confident swing.

Honeycomb TPE Insert

Positioned in the sole of the driver, the Honeycomb TPE Insert is a high-performance, vibration dampening polymer, that supports fantastic sound and feel at impact.


2021 0211 DC Irons

“I want a golf club that looks like a blade, plays like a cavity back, launches higher, goes further, feels amazing, is incredibly forgiving and is sexy”, was the declaration made by PXG founder Bob Parsons. That quote would set the foundation for the brand, and the 0211 irons are another example of his vision coming to life. Featuring the latest innovation in set design by PXG’s DualCOR system, these bad boys will blow your mind.

Progressive Set Design

Exclusive to the 2021 0211 DC Irons is the progressive set design. The clubs are equipped with progressive offset and bounce for an ideal balance of accuracy and distance across the set. Helping you hit more greens, each club’s offset is correlated to the blade length, allowing players to produce a square face at impact.

DualCOR System

Both the inner and outer core technology of each iron provides players with numerous benefits that will improve their game. The inner core technology is designed to increase face loading, meaning more energy is stored and then rebounded to the ball. While the outer core technology has been built to increase structural stability, supporting an extremely thin, high-performance steel face.

Large Active Face Area

Using an undercut perimeter face design, the active face area is notably bigger. This increased area allows for the DualCor system to deliver fast ball speed across the entire set with the same amount of effort.

Angled Top Rail

The upper surface of the club has been angled away from the face, decreasing mass from the heel and adding it to the tow. This better positions the Centre of Gravity (CG) to the centre of the face, leading to more forgiveness and consistency.

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2021 0211 Fairway Woods & Hybrid

Available in a 3,5 and 7 PXG’s 0211 Fairway Woods introduce a larger profile at address and a rounded face construction. This offers players more relief on the heel and toe sides to deliver a consistent strike, even on mishits. As for the 0211 Hybrids, they combine a confidence-inspiring head profile with a square face design to support maximum ball speed and forgiveness from any lie. The Hybrid clubs are available in 19°, 22°, 25° and 28°.

And, if you are golf interested or relatively new to the game, PXG has also introduced a brand new full set of beginning sticks – PXG 0211 Z. This 10-piece set is extremely easy to hit and helps golf newbies launch it high, keep it in play, and have more fun.

In under a decade, PXG has risen to become one of the most prominent players in golf. Their clubs have changed the game, with the brand now boasting a small stable of professionals who have won 10 tour events this year. The 0211 collection allows everyday players to taste PXG’s innovative technology, which will no doubt improve their scorecard, leading to a more enjoyable experience on the course. The entire PXG 0211 collection is available now on the brand’s website.

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