Virtual Reality becomes a Virtual Reality: Oculus Rift & the Crashed Car Showroom

A long time ago, in an era before Twitter, some may remember when TV screens were square, people clipped music players onto their belts and Eddie Murphy was still making good movies. Whilst the seasons changed and the fit of denim became baggier, the Gates and Jobs of the world worked tirelessly to revolutionise the world of computer technology.

With ground-breaking innovations such as the Nintendo Gameboy, MC Hammer and the Super Soaker water gun, it was clear that ludicrous ideas, which were previously something of childhood dreams and sci-fi fantasies, would soon become reality.

oculus rift and crashed car showroom vr
It dawned upon the tech geeks that the notion of creating a technologically advanced helmet that acts as a carriage to shift one’s mind away from the banal existence of everyday life, was actually an achievable feat. Shortly thereafter the virtual reality headset was born.

Soon after the novelty wore off and the video game arcades started closing down, the virtual reality craze was on a hiatus… But it was not yet dead.

Fast forward to the present – we’re living life with a pocket full of Angry Birds and our favourite computer game is Facebook. While you were choosing which Instagram filter to apply to the photo of your kale salad from the local organic café, the Oculus Rift has burst onto the scene. It has blown our minds as a state-of-the-art virtual reality device set to revolutionise the relationship between man and technology.

Features such as 360° head tracking, stereoscopic 3D and ultra wide field of view are just some of the reasons we’re so hyped about the Oculus Rift’s virtual reality platform. So when we heard that NRMA Insurance combined the awesomeness of the Oculus Rift with a car crash simulator, we knew they were bound to get some cool results.

[title subtitle=””]Crashed Car Showroom[/title]

The Crashed Car Showroom used virtual reality for the users to jump in the simulator and become a crash test dummy, participating in simulated car crashes to demonstrate the significance and importance of safety features in modern automobiles.

This is just one example of the Oculus Rift and virtual reality being used in a practical setting other than pure gaming. Who knows what other ideas are out there? Virtual reality hoverboard?

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