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11 Best MMA Gyms in Sydney | Man of Many

Complement your MMA training in Sydney at Ultimate Fitness Centre with functional training, cross-training, weights circuits and boxing. Going the extra mile, they also offer a customised nutrition program through an affiliate partner. If you like a timeline, get yourself from novice to ring-ready with their 12-week program. It culminates in a three-round amateur boxing competition, which will be sure to kick-start your passion for the combat sport.

1. Ultimate Fitness Centre

Have a free trial at Powercore MMA and if you don’t benefit from the personal attention, effective techniques and knowledgable teachers in this MMA Sydney gym, then at least you haven’t paid a cent. If you do see the benefits, you can then enjoy strength and conditioning, combat submission, thai kickboxing and more from beginners through to professional. Student safety is the number one priority so you gain fitness, strength and combat techniques in a completely safe environment.

2. Powercore MMA

With three large training areas plus cardio and weights facilities, there’s room for even the wildest kicks at Bulldog Gym. The professional coaching team has global fighting and coaching experience to pass on in their variety of classes. Founder, Tim Fisher, now owns and runs the famous Sitsonpeenong Muay Thai Gym in Phuket. If you don’t want to travel that far for a class, his original baby in Parramatta is your best bet for one of the best MMA Sydney gyms.

3. Bulldog Gym

Veteran UFC fighter, Anthony Perosh, holds the record for one of the shortest victories in UFC fighting at 14 seconds. He also runs Team Perosh, naturally one of the best MMA gyms in Australia. With everything from MMA to yoga and a generous two week free trial you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t give Perosh a go.

4. Team Perosh

Gain more strength than Frankenstein’s Gothic Villain at this world-class facility in Bondi. Igor MMA offers a huge range of classes for all levels of experience, age, size, gender or physical ability. From indoor boot camps to ultimate conditioning sessions, there’s an experienced trainer for everyone at this Martial Arts gym in Sydney.

5. Igor MMA

Head coach at Langes MMA, Anthony Lange, founded the first MMA gym in Sydney in 1994. Their motto is ‘leave your ego at the door’, so you can focus solely on the MMA training Sydney at hand. From kids and teens to full contact sparring, they offer every level of contact and experience.

6. Langes MMA

Start with The Art of Boxing class on your 30-day free trial at VT1 and learn the philosophy, conditioning techniques and strategies of the Sweet Science (boxing). Then slowly make your way through boot camp, Krav Maga, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts. VT1 is the only MMA training Sydney that teaches Krav Maga (the self-defence system used by the Israeli Defense Forces) to provide you with a range of MMA styles and techniques that span the entire globe.

7. VT1 Sydney

Follow the regime of a professional UFC athlete at UFC Gym, including their training, diet and coaching. As the best UFC Gym in Sydney CBD they offer daily ultimate training, BJJ, cross-training, strength classes, boxing conditioning, kickboxing, MMA fight fit and more. You can even participate in special events at individual clubs and take advantage of a 5-day free trial. They have multiple locations across the state, but their main training centre is located in Rockdale.

8. UFC Gym

Every student is treated as a talented rarity at Prodigy MMA, irrespective of age or skill level. On top of their classes in MMA, Thai boxing, BJJ, strength and conditioning, certain members are also allowed gym access outside of normal hours. They have on average 40 classes available per week across two locations. This means you have no excuse not to become a Mixed Martial Arts Sydney aficionado.

9. Prodigy MMA

Three friends wanted to create a welcoming training environment that promoted fun and fitness, Thus, Movement MMA, a martial arts gym in Sydney, was born. They offer gloves, fight gear and a free trial for beginners and seasoned expertise and quality equipment for the more experienced. Whether you need to let off some steam post stressful day in the office or perfect your roundhouse kick, Movement MMA has you covered. Movement MMA might be the best MMA gym Sydney has to offer.

10. Movement MMA

As a member of SBG International, the world’s largest functional martial arts organisation, you know Straight Blast Gym isn’t taking any shortcuts (or jabs) with the quality of their classes. Foundation classes help to prepare members for the invitation only MMA training. With classes in striking, fitness, sparring and competition, this is a Mixed Martial Arts Sydney you need to try for yourself.

11. Straight Blast Gym

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