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20 Best Productivity Apps in 2018 | Man of Many


1. Buddhify

In our fast paced, tech-laden world, distractions are essentially everywhere. That can make it surprisingly hard to organise your life, sustain peace of mind and finish your work in a timely manner. Enter Buddhify, a legendary meditation app designed exclusively for the modern hustler. No matter where you are, or what you might be doing, the app has a meditation regimen on hand at all times. It’s like a refresh button for your brain that keeps all distractions to a minimum.

2. Headspace

Another incredible and optimal mindfulness app, Headspace offers a range of meditation sessions that vary depending on your current activity. That’s joined by SOS exercises–designed to level you out in times of high stress–and other mood balancing features.

3. Feedly

3. Feedly

If you’re an ambitious young man who keeps pace with the modern world, then there are probably a hundred different sites, blogs, channels, friends and feeds that you check on the daily. Streamline your content and resources alike by getting the Feedly app. And don’t forget to add us to your feed by using this link here.
Productivity and a positive mindset are essentially joined at the hip, hence the inclusion of another stellar mindfulness app. Stop, Breathe & Think gives you all the tools you need to sustain a peaceful state of mind and handle stress like a modern pro.

4. Stop, Breathe & Think

One of the most popular productivity apps you can find, Insight Timer offers over 7000 meditation guides, and connects you with a broad community of teachers and seekers alike. Think of it as one huge, digital retreat.

5. Insight Timer

Any productive individual can tell you that knowledge is key. Sure, you can spend all day at the nearest library, or you can instal Blinkist. The popular app curates the most helpful passages from over 2000 nonfiction books, and then delivers the content to you in 15 minute increments.

6. Blinkist

No one argues with organisation and a lack of clutter. Combining those two arenas with impeccable precision is Clear Todos. By way of an effortlessly approachable design, the productivity app puts all your tasks and reminders in one place so that you may be both organised and uncluttered for good.

7. Clear Todos

Evernote is such a popular organisation and productivity app that it hardly needs an introduction. Use it to streamline both your work life and personal life. It’s also the perfect resource for syncing with co-workers on group projects.

8. Evernote

Inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s painstakingly simple (yet tremendously effective) “Don’t Break the Chain” philosophy, Momentum is all about increasing productivity by having you develop and sustain new habits over time. The longer you keep the chain alive, the more routine your habits become. May it grant you all of Seinfeld’s success, or even just a fraction of it.

9. Momentum

How many passwords do you think you have going at this very moment? How many of those passwords have you already forgotten? Put an end to your days of clicking the “forgot my password” link by instaling Last Pass, which remembers and manages your passwords for you.

10. Last Pass

No single productivity app puts co-workers on the same page like Slack. Use it to manage your personal workflow or sync with your project team. Seriously, you might as well get this app now because your boss will soon make you get it anyway (if he or she hasn’t already).

11. Slack

After a long, hard day at work, the last thing you want to do is to come home and realise you forgot to pick up the milk, figuratively (and literally) speaking. Get all tasks big and small out of your head and onto your device by instaling Remember the Milk.

12. Remember the Milk

Another aspect of modern life that can always use more organisation? Your email box. Don’t waste another second trying to optimise your emails. Instead, do what millions of others are doing and get the Spark app. Think of it as your digital assistant, whose primary function is to make sure important emails never get lost in the shuffle.

13. Spark

The Strides app not only helps you set goals and achieve those goals, but it tracks your progress along the way. Whether you want to lose weight, save money, sleep more, eat less, form new habits, and so much more, this app is your guide.

14. Strides

For those who can’t afford secretaries or personal assistants, Trello is your friend. The multi-faceted productivity app is ideal for collaborating with others as well as organising your personal schedule. Heck, even if you can afford a secretary or personal assistant, you might still be better off just sticking with this app!

15. Trello

If you’re running on Android, you already have access to Google Assistant, but the Google Assistant app puts the ridiculously helpful resource one quick tap away. Indeed, an easy thing just got easier.

16. Google Assistant

Whether it’s a doctor’s visit or an important lunch meeting, Google Calendar makes every appointment painless to schedule and virtually impossible to miss.

17. Google Calendar

As Google’s cloud storage service, Google Drive isn’t a productivity app as much as it is a life-changing platform. Once you’re using it, you’ll never quite remember how you managed without it.

18. Google Drive

Like everything else from the company, Google’s note-taking service (aka Google Keep) keeps it clean and compatible. Taking notes and giving feedback has never been more efficient.

19. Google Keep

The modern age might be rife with themes of connectivity, but let’s be honest it’s not easy getting all your apps and devices onto the same wavelength. Heeding the call is IFTTT, which gathers all your various technological outlets into a single hub, making for one big happy family.


Similar to productivity apps, browser extensions add copious amounts of functionality to your digital experience. Here are some of our favourites:

Bonus – Browser Extensions

Want to seamlessly transfer videos from your computer to your Chromecast or Android TV? Then Videostream is the browser extension for you.


Mentioned above on the list of productivity apps as a place to keep all your passwords, LastPass is also available as a browser extension.


Say goodbye to typos and other grammatical errors by adding Grammarly to your browser. The helpful extension ensures all your messages are free of errors.


Is it just us, or are some links longer than the number Pi when taken in full? Get those links down to manageable size by using Bitly.


True to its name, Copy All Urls allows you to copy all open URL tabs into clipboard.

Copy All Urls

Our favourite to-do app, Google Tasks keeps it simple, smart and straightforward. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the kings of the Internet.

Google Tasks

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