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5 Best Sunglasses for Running | Man of Many


1. Nike Tail Wind Sunglasses

These lightweight Nike Tailwind Running Sunglasses will give you the best in sun protection and visibility as you run for miles in the sun. Interchangeable Lens System for maximum sports performance in all light conditions. Adjustable, ventilated lens and nose bridge for improved airflow with reduced fogging and better grip. the sunglasses also feature cam-action spring hinges lock into place. One of the best features of the sunglasses is the Nike Flying Lens Technology for reduced fogging and consistent visuals. To complete the sunglasses, they feature a swoosh design trademark on temples.

2. Oakley Radar Path

If you are looking for the top of the crop running sunglasses, these are the pair for you. The Oakley Radar Path are pricey but worth every cent. This pair is part of Oakley’s signature series and is worn by some of the worlds leading athletes. These running sunglasses are made for high-impact and all types of running and  their extreme durability is matched only by their extreme functionality. Interchangeable Iridium-coated lenses reduce glare and protect against UV rays while surging ports increase airflow, and two optional nose pieces give you a perfect custom fit. Ready, set, GO!

3. Adizero Tempo L

The Adizero Tempo is the ultimate in lightweight running eyewear, with a custom-fit design and grips to stay put even at high speed. Yohan Blake reps these sunglasses at training and during a competition which is a reflection of how good the grip is around the temples of these sunglasses. The wraparound shield gives full protection from the wind, and a ventilation system keeps the sunglasses from fogging up.

4. Smith Optics Parallel Max

Smith Optics Parallel Max are amazing value and have a minimalist feel and are also lightweight for running which makes you feel like there is nothing on your head.  This is definitely a great purchase for keen long-distance runners due to the sunglasses versatility with lenses that adapt to all conditions.  These sunglasses have an easy-to-use, four-step lens interchange system that will help you and your glasses adapt to every situation.

5. Rudy Project Rydon Sunglasses

The Rudy Project Rydon’s are a popular choice amongst runners due to their cutting-edge ergonomic features with advanced materials to create these super-lightweight, versatile, high-performance sunglasses. The Rydon running sunglasses’ Quick Change Technology allows a rapid lens replacement to adjust to any light condition. Another great feature is the sunglasses’ no-slip nosepiece, which can be adjusted with two soft interchangeable, aerated Megol rubber pads for a perfect fit. The soft Megol temple end-pieces can be fully adjusted 360-degrees by applying gentle pressure for ultimate comfort without pinching.
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