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50+ Best 'House of the Dragon' Memes on the Internet | Man of Many

For those who haven’t yet heard of House of the Dragon, or who have been living under a rock, the Game of Thrones prequel has exploded in popularity since it was released in Australia on August 22. Banking on the success of the hit series from the early 2010s, the show revisits the seven kingdoms of Westeros as first penned by master author George R.R. Martin. Set two centuries before the events of Game of Thrones, the new prequel follows House Targaryen, exploring a vicious battle for power that foreshadows an all-out war known as the ‘Dance of the Dragons’.

The Rise of ‘House of the Dragon’

With each episode of House of the Dragon, viewers learn a little more about the beleaguered lives of the characters trapped in the battle for Westeros. More recently, a somewhat uncomfortable encounter between Rhaenyra, a royal with a never-ending lineup of potential suitors knocking on her door, and her uncle Daemon, who is seemingly not perturbed by his relation to her. They venture out on a sort-of cursed tour, where they visit a brothel and subsequently make out in a manner that can only be described as ‘deeply unsettling. Sure, we all came to House of the Dragon to watch steamy sex scenes, but this writer certainly wasn’t expecting them to be between uncles and nieces.

Best ‘House of the Dragon’ Memes

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