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7 Best Joe Exotic Tiger King Music Videos Ranked | Man of Many

The song that started it all. Here Kitty Kitty is a sweet little ditty about…you guessed it, Carole Baskin. Armed with a Carole Baskin lookalike, this Joe Exotic music video raises more questions than it answers, but you can’t deny the Tiger KING Rocks a preacher’s collar better than most.

1. Here Kitty Kitty

Joe Exotic stands valiantly in front of a green-screened storm strumming a guitar. Then Joe Exotic stands valiantly in a field strumming a guitar. Next, Joe Exotic stands valiantly on his truck strumming a guitar. Iconic.

2. I Saw a Tiger

Dedicated to sweet John Finlay, My First Love is a sombre and heartfelt ode to true love…sort of. Watch for scenes in the snow-covered forest. Also, this Joe Exotic music video may have been sponsored by speed-dealer sunglasses.

3. My First Love

You’ve got to hand it to Joe Exotic, the man can talk you into anything. Judging by this video, he managed to convince an entire crowd of paying zoo-goers to do the wave for this Brad Paisley-esque tune.

4. Because You Love Me

The man does not know the meaning of overkill. In this Joe Exotic music video, our country music leader dons his own promotional merchandise in a behind the scenes retelling of his everyday existence. This one actually got to us. The heartfelt message to John Finlay is tough to get through, but the quick shot of cameraman in the pond never fails to lift our spirits.

5. This is My Life

Motobikes, leather and tribal tattoos kick-start this Joe Exotic music video, and boy, is this one a wild ride. A song for both pretty and ugly women alike (Joe’s words), Pretty Woman is a stone-cold banger. Also, the green-screen storm makes another impromptu appearance. The stretch-Dodge Charger limo is a sophisticated touch.

6. Pretty Woman

Joe Exotic takes on the media, both right-wing and left-wing in this strange and slightly threatening music video. One confusing element to note is that while it’s essentially a song about uniting and coming together, Joe spends a lot of time brandishing guns and blowing shit up. The description literally reads “Country music video done by Joe to infect everyone with love and the right to have our animals”. Also, watch out for the oddly long shot of Joe getting his blood taken.

7. Bring It On

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