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Top 10 Designer Pocket Square Brands | Man of Many


1. Alexander Olch

Filmmaker and designer Alexander Olch started his line of men’s neckwear and pocket square accessories in 2009. Balancing old-world craftsmanship with the freshness and style of modern-day New York City. Creating a cult following with his circular-style cut of pocket ‘squares’, Olch creates refined pieces with an unexpected assortment of fabrics. Each piece is made in New York City by hand.

2. Drake’s

Founded in 1977 by Michael Drakes, the quality of Drake’s is legendary. The brand’s style, beginning with a refined English discrimination, has evolved with a touch of consummate French chic and a nod to the Italians for their abundant sense of style and colour. This aesthetic represents a vision of how English style is perceived to be, rather than the reality which today is all too often less inspiring. Designed in Haberdasher Street and manufactured in the UK & Italy, Drakes’ pocket square accessories are synonymous with style and quality leading the way in the world of menswear.

3. Boglioli

Not just one of Italy’s leading men’s tailors, Boglioli also likes to be characterised as a family, indicating the traditional approach and rigorous standards maintained by the company. Based in the Brescia province of Italy. Crafted from soft, fine silk, this Boglioli pocket square makes an instant impression. The graphic design and clean colour palette ensure an Italian-made piece that looks incredibly stylish whichever way you fold it.

4. Devil May Care

Creative director and pocket square aficionado Masato Sano launched his first collection of designer pocket squares in 2015. Every Devil May Care pocket square is made for the rakish modern gentleman. Meticulously designed by balancing classic motifs with contemporary themes, crafted from traditional heavyweight silk twill, then cut to a full forty by forty-centimetre square and finally, hand-rolled at the edges.

5. Patrick Johnson Tailors

Australian born, English educated, Italian influenced, P. Johnson makes way for the local man. Surfacing in Sydney in 2008, with an impeccable social media presence and winner of the 2015 Woolmark Prize, P. Johnson Tailors are as much of a menswear creator as it is a lifestyle brand. The brainchild of Patrick “PJ” Johnson and his creative partner Tom Riley, the result has become an offering of bespoke suits and shirts individually crafted for each client. With an emphasising notion of being in the position as a luxury lightweight specialist for the Australian climate, P. Johnson has built an identity out of it.

6. Turnbull And Asser

Founded in 1885 by Reginald Turnbull and Ernest Asser, they made a name for themselves as bespoke shirtmakers. In keeping with tradition, all Turnbull and Asser shirts are still made in the United Kingdom. With flagship stores on Jermyn Street in London and in New York City, Turnbull and Asser are regarded as not only one of the best shirtmakers in the world but in creating truly unique accessories to accompany their shirting.

7. Christian Kimber

British born, Melbourne based design God.


Founded in 1968 by Gimmo Etro, his namesake has been delivering luxury ready to wear shoes, jewellery, leather goods, home decor, perfumes and accessories for almost four decades. Most notably is its pocket square, season adept and artfully designed. The Etro pocket square provides the perfect balance between sophisticated elegance and rakish charm. Pending on your outfit of course. Their designs come inexpertly dyed silks and cotton, mainly encompassing paisleys, jacquards and playful checking.

9. Richard James

One of Savile Row’s greatest and arguably also one of its saviours.

10. Brunello Cucinelli

Mr Brunello Cucinelli or better known as “The king of cashmere” has an innovative vision, inspiring the designers of today. The company is headquartered in a 14th-century castle on the top of a hill in the middle of Umbria, Italy. Mr Cucinelli himself is a man of great stature, a true man of impeccable ethics, donating 20% of his worldwide profits to charity and treating his employees like family. Although Cuccinelli represents some of the highest quality in menswear, it comes at a cost, almost alienating the majority of the market, leaving only the wealthiest elite can truly experience his creations. Today the company represents the pinnacle of Italian luxury.
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