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14 Best Fitness Watches and Trackers | Man of Many
A fitness tracker can help someone monitor their daily activities. It helps in setting workout goals such as meeting a training goal, burning a certain number of calories in the day, and how much and often you should drink water to keep hydrated. Each fitness tracker is accompanied by an app that has various options. And here’s where it gets technical. Trackers rely on accelerometers; these are devices that detect the body’s movement and convert it into data.
What Can a Fitness Tracker Do?
Picking the right fitness tracker isn’t that hard. They not only help guide exercise workouts such as running, swimming, or cycling, they can also help you and your health care professional understand your medical situations, such as detecting irregular heart rhythms. And they can help in more day-to-day activities, such as weather reports and calendar alerts. Shopping for a new fitness tracker can be a daunting task. There is a wide range of brands and price points to choose from. Fortunately, you can use a handful of key points to narrow your choice.
How to Pick the Right Fitness Tracker
For some time now, there has been misinformation that has differentiated a fitness tracker from a smartwatch. A fitness tracker is a band with sensors that tallies up data and sends it to your smartphone, while a fitness watch is veritably an extension of your smartphone; it allows you to keep track of your fitness progress, daily activity and even check your schedule, social media, texts and email. And not too long now, the two devices have merged.
What’s the Difference Between a Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker?
So whether you want a top-notch fitness watch just to flash or a piece to help you when training, we’ve lined up the best fitness and watch trackers for all workouts and lifestyles— even for those who need to get off their bum. They’ll also provide you with training tips, help regulate your sleep and look hella good on you. Here are the best fitness and watch trackers.
Best Fitness Watches and Trackers
First off on our list is the FitBit Charge 4. This fitness tracker features a GPS for pace and distance, a built-in heart rate monitor and provides a more accurate measure of your running, biking, and swimming. The Charge 4 also includes enhanced sleep tracking and a new fitness metric — to let you know if you’re getting enough exercise — and is available in four voguish colours.
1. FitBit Charge 4
If you’re on the hunt for a stylish multisport watch, then the Garmin Vivoactive 4 will do you justice. With this fitness watch, there’s no such thing as too many health stats. This bad boy constantly samples your heart rate, helps gauge how hard you work during activities and unlike any other on this list, has animations on display to compel you when working out.
2. Garmin Vivoactive 4
Another top-notch fitness tracker is the FitBit Sense. The Sense has been approved for blood oxygen reading but the ability to measure electrodermal activity and skin temperature. The FitBit is leading the evolution of smartwatches as their devices take a more holistic look at our health. It has a cutting edge design with its stainless steel ring, glass display and innovative biosensor core.
3. FitBit Sense
The Apple Watch Series 6 is just awesome. This fitness watch measures your blood oxygen level with a revolutionary new sensor and app, features an emergency SOS for fall detection setting, and allows you to view your fitness metrics at a glance with the enhanced Always-On Retina display. With the Apple Watch Series 6, you’ll be sure to lead a healthier, more active and more connected life.
4. Apple Watch Series 6
A sleek design that’s suited for every part of your day, and every occasion. What more can someone want than the Garmin Venu Sq? Boasting a bright colour display and optional always-on mode — so you can see everything with a quick glance — and a GPS smartwatch that combines daily style with health monitoring and fitness features that get you going. Choose from more than 20 preloaded sports apps when training!
5. Garmin Venu Sq
Another fitness tracker favourite is the FitBit Inspire 2. This easy-to-use tracker comes with a 24/7 heart rate monitor, personalised guided breathing sessions, logs your meals and compares the calories that are eaten to those burned. The Fitbit app lets you see your cardio fitness score and gives tips on how to improve it and has over 20 exercise modes. Choose the FitBit from 3 variegated designs.
6. FitBit Inspire 2
The Suunto 7  is the smartwatch fit for those with an active lifestyle. The watch provides insight into your sleep and wellbeing, free offline navigation and over 7o sports modes. The fitness watch is the best combination of lifestyle fitness power that’s outdoor ruggedness. Having received accolades for its uniqueness & innovation, the watch also boasts an operating system that brings the best of Google to smartwatches.
7. Suunto Suunto 7
The latest addition to the FitBit family, the Luxe takes a more holistic approach to health and wellness. Featuring Fitbit’s thinnest touchscreen tracker to date, Luxe has a sleek buttonless design, complete with vibrant new clock faces. Better yet, this release is the first Fitbit tracker with a colour screen.
8. FitBit Luxe
The Garmin Fenix 6S Pro is a multisport GPS watch that lets you add mapping, music, intelligent pace planning to your workouts. Its rough yet elegant design is tested to military standards for thermal, shock and water resistance. Choose a look that suits your taste with their 25 styles: stainless steel, titanium and sapphire. Note: some styles come with a scratch-resistant sapphire lens and premium materials.
9. Garmin Fenix 6S Pro
The Samsung Galaxy Watch is just stellar. It lets you focus more on exercise with less planning by measuring your heart rate and tracking up to six activities while you exercise. The watch monitors the quality of your sleep and keeps track of your stress levels to assist with stress reduction via guided breathing and is of military durability — so you can be more active outdoors and in tough conditions.
10. Samsung Galaxy Watch
Polar Ignite is a cutting-edge fitness watch with the most lightweight and sleek design on this list. This avante-garde watch will push you to limits when training and gives you a personalised daily activity goal that motivates you to maintain a more balanced life. Polar Ignite is a versatile fitness watch that takes care of the planning for you and also gives you a detailed insight into recovery and readiness.
11. Polar Ignite
Its name says it all. The Timex Ironman GPS R300 boasts a powerhouse battery, provides guided workouts, continuous optical heart rate monitoring and delivers a range of performance metrics to help you reach your fitness goals. It has a crisp sunlight-readable display and an exercise guidance system that optimises cardiorespiratory fitness levels for insight into your workouts. Ever so supreme.
12. Timex Ironman GPS R300
The Withings ScanWatch blends minimalist style with impressive health features. The first hybrid smartwatch to continuously scan vital parameters to detect heart health conditions, the ScanWatch introduces a host of new technologies aimed at improving overall fitness. With this fitness tracker, you can chart breathing disturbances via SpO2 and measure your heart rate, with the watch also copping an Electrocardiogram for aFib detection.
13. Withings ScanWatch
One ring to rule them all is the Oura Ring. The is a different form of trackers that’s sensors monitor your resting heart rate, body temperature, calorie burn and inactive time. The Precious also gives you a daily readiness score so you can find your balance between strain and recovery. View your activity each day, week and month with the ring and learn which lifestyle choices can better your health.
14. Oura Ring
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