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6 Best GoPro Cameras You Can Buy | Man of Many

The GoPro is a small action camera that works together with mobile apps and video-editing software to create and craft unique footage. They’re small, waterproof and pretty much indestructible, meaning they’re perfect for action-lovers and sports enthusiasts alike.

What is a GoPro?

Whether you’re scraping together your coins to get your hands on this new exciting camera technology or whether you can’t resist adding another toy to your already overflowing collection, we’ve done some digging. You asked what the best GoPro for any budget is, and we’ve delivered.

Best GoPro Cameras to Buy

1. HERO9 Black

One of the newest GoPros on the market, HERO9 Black is our best recommendation for quality and value. The camera is waterproof, has a detachable lens and a new front display for greater ease in use. The best part is the 5k video resolution that maintains accurate detail even when zooming in. This camera also has more pixels, allowing you to capture 20MP photos and also has the SuperPhoto feature to ensure you get the perfect shot. The new front display is our favourite part, allowing you to view a live preview for easy selfie framing- more amazing selfies?! Yes, please!

2. HERO8 Black

Last year’s addition to the GoPro family, HERO8 Black, is still one of the best but now comes at a more affordable price point. Rather than a radical redesign, the camera had a lot of internal improvements on previous models that makes it one of the most functional from the GoPro suite. The image stabilisation is a dream come true for all the lovers of action that long to savour the moment. No matter how chaotic the scene, the camera and microphone will capture it.

3. Max

From the GoPro Max series comes this affordable addition to your camera collection, the MAX 6K waterproof, 360-degrees action camera. There are plenty of awesome features that take camera technology to the absolute max- like the timewarp feature, super view feature plus the single-lens and dual-lens 360 camera. So, you’re basically getting three cameras in one. This one is great if you’re looking to vlog your adventures or travels, with a shotgun mic performance and a front-facing screen.

4. HERO7 Silver

Another one of our favourite and most affordable GoPros is HERO7 Silver. The 4K video resolution is astounding for the size of the camera, and the waterproof feature means you can take it with you on all your ocean adventures- jump off the cliff with this in your hand and capture the moment with vivid detail! Unlike other models, this version has an intuitive touch screen, which makes it super easy to just tap and go, no fuss necessary.

5. HERO7 Black

Also part of the Hero series, the HERO7 Black has some great features. The model is the first to use HyperSmooth image stabilisation. This motion smoothing technology can be used in multiple shooting modes and has responsive voice-activated commands. This model is also renowned for taking great still images, with vivid detail in colour, saturation and clarity.

6. HERO7 White

If you’re looking for the cheapest of the bunch, the HERO7 White is the way to go. Cutting back on cost does however reduce the quality and the number of features available to you. Perhaps the biggest sacrifice is the lack of 4k video. But, don’t fear this isn’t just some basic camera- it is waterproof, has an intuitive touch screen, full HD video and takes 10MP photos. It’s seriously cheap for a new GoPro camera, so get your hands on it while you can.
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