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40+ Best Lockdown Memes on the Internet | Man of Many

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Aussies reaching for a supple of dank memes to get through lockdown. In 2020, when concerns were at their peak, Instagram, Reddit and Facebook were flooded with working from home memes, providing a brief spark of joy in an otherwise bleak outlook. This time around, it’s more of the same, but it appears the sequel may be better than the original. Harder, darker, danker, the latest crop of COVID memes and lockdown jokes are shining a light on our deepest thoughts and providing a melodramatic window into our ever-diminishing souls. But then again, that’s what we do.

The Meme Dream

Whether it’s working from home memes, lockdown jokes or COVID TikToks, there is a never-ending supply of good content on every platform, and everyone is getting on board. Turns out a bit of laughter in light of the situation, could be just what the doctor ordered.  With Sydney facing another two weeks of lockdown and Melbourne chucking the skids on any plans you had until next Tuesday 11.59pm, laughing the pain away might be your only source of enjoyment for a while.

Best Lockdown Memes

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