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30 Best Places For Woodford Reserve During Old Fashioned Week | Man of Many

Whilst the name “Old Fashioned” didn’t emerge until the late 1800s, its origins go back much further than that. In 1806, the first cocktail recipe appeared in print and it was basically for an Old Fashioned, denoting “spirits, bitters, water, and sugar.” Jump ahead to 1880 and a Kentucky bartender “invents” the cocktail—or at the very least gives it a name—in honour of bourbon icon James E. Pepper, who helped popularise it.

What is Old Fashioned Week?

Should you be celebrating OFW 2021 at home, we have just the recipe for you. It uses Woodford Reserve Distiller Select as the base and with great reason. Firing on all cylinders, the premium bourbon delivers luscious texture and over 200 individual flavour notes, meaning no two sips are exactly the same. Just imagine how it tastes when mixed with just a few choice ingredients. Be sure to use a proper Old Fashioned cocktail glass for the best results. Here we go:

How to Make the Perfect Old Fashioned

  • 60ml Woodford Reserve straight bourbon whiskey
  • 15ml demerara syrup
  • 3 dashes of Angostura bitters
  • 2 dashes Regans’ Orange Bitters
  • 1 sugar cube
  • Ingredients

  • Add ingredients to the mixing glass;
  • Add ice to mixing glass and serving glass;
  • Stir ingredients for 30-40 secs;
  • Strain into serving glass;
  • Instructions

    From Fri 5 November to Sun 14 November 2021, popular bars and restaurants across Australia will put their own twist on the Old Fashioned. A modern tradition in the making, it celebrates the classic cocktail in all its glorious potential. All venues participating around the world are listed on the Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Week website here, but we have put together a list of our favourite participating locales per city below:

    Where to Celebrate Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Week in Australia

    1. The Doss House

    New South Wales

    Located in a historic building, this beloved whisky bar will tip their hat to Irish and American traditions with Barry’s Tea-Infused Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned. It will be served with a watercress cracker, sopressa, and brie.

    1. The Doss House

    One of the best watering holes in Sydney’s CBD will be offering the Whiskey in Wisconsin aka My Old-Fashion Tingleberries. Blending cherry stone-infused Woodford Reserve Rye with an orange and cherry cordial and bitters, the drink is served in either an Old Fashioned glass full of crushed ice, or in a highball topped with soda, a squeeze of lemon, and crushed ice.

    2. Burrow Bar

    Why put one twist on the Old Fashioned when you can put two? That’s the thinking over at this Surry Hills standout, which will feature both a whiskey-based Old Fashioned (Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Amaro, vanilla and passionfruit-infused syrup and orange bitters) and a tequila-based Old Fashioned (Herradura Reposado Tequila with Amaretto and apricot-infused agave and orange bitters).

    3. Chin Chin

    This famously stocked whisky bar is running month-long specials such as a limited-edition flight, a Woodford Reserve-inspired food offering, and a bespoke Old Fashioned (Websters Woodford Reserve Personal Selection 2019 Old Fashioned with maple and plum bitters). On Thursday 11 November, they’ll also host a two-hour masterclass about bourbon, where Woodford Reserve Brand Ambassador Andy Tsai will dispense with key knowledge and select tastings (including some of the rarer stuff). An appetiser and dessert are included.

    4. Websters Bar

    Already known for their refined takes on classic cocktails, the CBD’s foremost fine-dining steakhouse has perfected the traditional Old Fashioned. Behold the results during OFW 2021.

    5. The Gidley

    Go past the sandwich shop, through the fire door, and down the long corridor before you arrive at the door with the brass pineapple doorknocker. Knock three times to gain entry and then order yourself the Unique Old Fashioned. It combines strawberry-infused Woodford Rye with sweet vermouth, honey water, lemon thyme, orange and walnut bitters, and sea salt, with a strawberry and orange zest garnish.

    6. Door Knock

    You’re never too far from a great Sydney attraction when you’re drinking at Hotel Palisade. In honour of OFW 2021, the local institution presents the Old Salty Girl. It puts a decadent spin on the classic Old Fashioned by way of macadamia-infused Woodford Reserve bourbon, salted caramel, tapioca pearls, and chocolate bitters. Yum.

    7. Hotel Palisade

    1. The 18th Amendment (Geelong)


    Celebrating the Old Fashioned—and Woodford Reserve—in all its many glories, this Ballarat-based bar will offer an entire cocktail flight, respectively incorporating Woodford Reserve, Woodford Reserve Double Oak, and Woodford Reserve Rye. They’ll also host an online Old Fashioned masterclass with owner Gorge Camora and Woodford Reserve Brand Ambassador Linus Schaxmann.

    1. The 18th Amendment (Geelong)

    Don’t hesitate to hit up this converted warehouse bar, which has limited their bottled and barrel-aged Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned cocktail to just 100 bottles. As if you needed more incentive, the first 20 people to purchase a cocktail will also receive a Woodford Reserve Tasting pack along with an invite to the distillery’s online masterclass.

    2. The Budgie Smuggler

    This Thai-inspired hotspot presents a carefully curated selection of Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned twists, which are available for dine-in or in takeaway four-packs.

    3. Chin Chin

    With their expert take on American Southern food, this neon-lit joint makes for the perfect whiskey-drinking venue. Choose between three varieties of Woodford Reserve Old Fashioneds (Distiller’s Select, Double Oak, and Rye), all of which are available for take-out.

    4. White Oaks Saloon

    Hidden under a bridge on the Yarra, this island gem has a Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned available to-go along with several other cocktail gift packs.

    5. Ponyfish Island

    Old Fashioned trio pack anyone? Yes, please. You can score one here for AU$50 or even have it shipped to your door. Each pack includes a Woodford Reserve bourbon 50ml mini and three 90ml Bottled Old Fashioneds (packed into Whisky & Alement Juice bags).

    6. Whisky & Alement

    The celebratory vibes are strong at this rooftop bar and club, which will give out a Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned cocktail on arrival as part of their race day package. The next ones will cost you AU$15 for the duration of OFW 2021.

    7. The Emerson

    Home to the signatuee Woodford cocktail Riders Up!, this underground hangout will put their twist on the Old Fashioned for a limited time. You can follow them on Instagram @beneathdriverlane.

    8. Beneath Driver Lane

    Hit up this multi-tiered bar during OFW 2021 to sip on their unique version of the classic libation. Follow that with their legendary Ron Burgundy cocktail, which uses Woodford Rye.

    9. The Emerald Peacock

    This stylish late-night venue is already a drinker’s heaven, making their Old Fashioned a must-try.

    10. Bar Ampere

    1. Savile Row


    Hidden in plain sight near the heart of Brisbane’s entertainment precinct, this chandelier-lit back bar will craft an Old Fashioned cocktail using Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Amaro Nonino, Apricot, and bitters.

    1. Savile Row

    “Enjoy, share, and educate” is the motto at Cobbler, which will showcase three unique variations of the Old Fashioned using both Woodford Bourbon and Woodford Rye. Choose between coconut and cherry, fig with coffee caramel and dark chocolate, or beeswax rested dark cacao with macadamia liqueur and bitters.

    2. Cobbler

    Located in Brisbane’s high-end fashion district, this magnificent bar imparts a world-class vibe. Their downright indulgent version of the Old Fashioned includes Woodford Reserve Bourbon, marshmallow liqueur, raspberry-infused Manzanillam, and dark chocolate liquor, which have been put through a clarification process. Your taste buds won’t know what hit them.

    3. Dr Gimlette

    Tucked away down Brisbane’s oldest laneway is an exceptional back bar with over 1000 spirits and three unique takes on the Old Fashioned for this year’s OFW: Pedro Ximinez with chocolate and ginger on the Woodford Reserve Rye, Coffee liqueur with chinotto and orange bitters also using the amazing Rye, and fat washed Woodford Reserve bourbon infused with butter, fug infused amontillado, and cardamom bitters.

    4. Death & Taxes

    This lively neighbourhood bar in the middle of Brisbane’s bustling CBD will put a creative twist on the Old Fashioned, combining Woodford Reserve with toasted butter and honey. As a delicious snack, they’re also soaking toasted sourdough in bourbon and serving it with cultured butter and honey.

    5. Alba Bar & Deli

    In honour of OFW 2021, this popular haunt will host a 5-course dinner, complete with Old Fashioned pairing. As an added bonus, all those who attend will receive a bottle of Woodford Reserve to take home with them. You’re also welcome to hit up the back bar for an expert rendition of the classic cocktail, using Woodford Reserve Bourbon, sugar, and bitters.

    6. Fat Cow Steak and Lobster

    1. Lockwood

    Gold Coast

    In the spirit of a true speakeasy, this hidden gem requires you to text them before entry. Once you’re in their domain, a seasoned bartender will mix you something special like their Old Fashioned twist, which uses sherry-infused Woodford Rye as a base.

    1. Lockwood

    This rooftop retreat rests above the new Home of the Arts Centre in Surfers Paradise and retains a youthful, modern spirit. Sip on an Old Fashioned as you take in sights of every variety.

    2. The Exhibitionist Bar

    Located at the ground level of the Home of the Arts Centre in Surfers Paradise, this fine-dining restaurant focuses on fresh and seasonal produce. Their limited-time Old Fashioned takes direct inspiration from the artwork that lines the halls outside their door.

    3. Palette Restaurant

    Through their stunning cocktails and cuisine, this Gold Coast establishment has redefined local standards of quality. Come for their special version of the Old Fashioned and stay for the great times and killer food.

    4. Social Eating House

    This prohibition-style taphouse and grill is well-known for their elevated take on gastropub fare. Expect similarly awesome things from their Old Fashioned.

    5. The Loose Moose

    1. Bar Lafayette

    Western Australia

    This award-winning bar just celebrated their 10th birthday and now they’re moving on to the next celebration: OFW 2021. The results are three drool-worthy expressions of the classic cocktail: a barrel-aged version with Woodford Reserve bourbon and rye and an amaro reduction, the Coco Fashioned with coconut husk-infused Woodford Reserve and Creme de Banane, and the Vinum Old fashioned with Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, pinot noir reduction, and a hint of vanilla.

    1. Bar Lafayette

    The recent winner of Australia’s Best New Bar (2021 Australian Bar Awards) is also a veritable bartender’s bar with a devoted following. You’ll definitely want to try each of their three twists on the Old Fashioned: “Dealer’s Choice No.2” (with a touch of apple and chestnut), Remember the Maine (Woodford Rye, Double Oaked, plus some sweet vermouth, cherry heering and a hint of absinthe), and the refreshing Old Fashioned Highball (Woodford Reserve, grapefruit bitters, soda and lemon).

    2. Foxtrot Unicorn

    What this small Perth bar lacks in size, it makes up for in service and skill. Pizza, liquor, and cheese is on the menu and who really needs anything else? For OFW 2021, manager Krafty is getting crafty indeed, mixing cinnamon-toast-cereal-milk-washed Woodford Reserve with walnut bitters to lip-smacking results.

    3. Alfred’s Bar & Pizzeria

    The OG of Perth whisky bars is no stranger to the Old Fashioned, which has been on their menu since day one. Manager Darren Graham is turning the flavour dial all the way up for this year’s OFW, mixing Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select with real Canadian maple syrup and black walnut bitters, and then oak-chip-smoking the cocktail to order.

    4. Helvetica

    Slow and steady is the name of the game at Old Faithful and it pertains to their American-style bbq and cocktails alike. Feeling the Halloween vibes, bar manager Dan O’Brien created a Toffee Apple Old Fash for this year’s OFW. A Highroller Highball is also being offered and it blends Woodford Reserve Double Oaked with Spiced Ginger Ale, smoked rosemary, and lemon. Or you can stick with their traditional Old Fashioned, which is mixed to perfection and guaranteed to please.

    5. Old Faithful Perth

    This Fremantle stalwart has a tight operation and over a decade of experience under their belt. They’re serving up three different but equally delectable Old Fashioneds for OFW 2021: a classic Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select number, Woodford Reserve Double Oaked pumped up with peach and plum bitters and a hint of mint, and an Old Fashioned/Sazerac hybrid with Woodford Rye that incorporates a hint of absinthe and lemon.

    6. Who’s Your Mumma

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