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When it comes to unibrow maintenance, you have options. For instance, at the high end of the unibrow removal spectrum are relatively expensive procedures like laser treatment or electrolysis. Both are somewhat experimental methods that should be administered by a professional. It will cost you, but it will also possibly take the burden off your shoulders for the longest period of time. In fact, some professionals claim that laser treatment will permanently remove that unibrow for good. We suggest consulting with one of those professionals or the nearest Kardashian before determining whether those claims are true.

How to Get Rid of a Monobrow/Unibrow

Waxing generally entails applying hot wax over the unibrow and then using a strip or cloth to rip the wax off in a fluid motion. It’s a very effective (and commonly painful) method for hair removal because it attacks the follicle at the root. As a result the hair stays away longer. If you plan to wax your unibrow, you could purchase an intensive home waxing kit but frankly you’re better off seeing a specialist whereas enacting a full waxing session at home could be dangerous. Not only is it possible to burn yourself or kickstart a rash, but if you overdo it you can end up with some seriously funky eyebrows. The waxing method won’t stop your unibrow from growing altogether, but it’s a pretty reliable long-term solution.

Waxing – Strips, Home Kits, or a Specialist?

For some, just the very idea of tweezing or plucking eyebrow hairs one at a time sounds tedious and painful. Unfortunately, the actual process won’t alleviate those concerns. But it will effectively eradicate unibrow hairs for sustained periods of time. Here’s a breakdown:


The main difference between the two unibrow removal methods involves precision. Waxing can grab onto all hairs including fine ones, pulling them out smoothly and evenly. Tweezing can sufficiently remove larger hairs but you may have a decent amount of fuzz left over.

Tweezing vs Waxing

At the end of the day, the hair between your eyebrows is just hair. Hence, using a quality detail trimmer or specialty razor will definitely serve your needs while saving you from physical pain. That said, employing this method will all but guarantee that the unibrow hair grows back quickly. And if you’re using a traditional razor blade there’s an increased chance for razor burn so be sure to apply some shaving cream first. In summary, a trimmer is probably the easiest but least effective way to get rid of a men’s unibrow.


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