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How to Fillet a Whole Fish: Tips & Hacks from an Award-Winning Chef | Man of Many

Your first step is to buy a proper fillet knife. According to Chef Rantissi, that knife should have the following qualities:

Quick Knife Tips for Filleting Fish

Are you now equipped with a high-quality fillet knife? Good! Here’s how to properly fillet a whole fish:

How to Fillet a Whole Fish

A true master chef leaves nothing to waste nor should you. To turn leftover fish bones into fish stock, you’ll need a reliable cleaver, with a thicker blade can powerfully cut through bones. Did we mention that proper fillet knife makes exceptional cleavers? Get yourself one and perform the following steps:

Using a Cleaver to Turn Leftover Fish Bone into Fish Stock

A sharp knife is a happy knife and a happy knife is a happy chef. One of Chef Rantissi’s favourite ways to sharpen a blunt knife at home or at work is using a whetstone, i.e. a rectangular block of stone with 2 different surfaces (a coarse surface and a smooth surface). The coarse surface is used to sharpen the blade and the smooth surface is designed to smooth/refine the edges. By the way, WÜSTHOF also makes whetstones and excellent ones at that. Here’s how to sharpen your knife:

Knife Sharpening

A sharpening steel—which resembles a holdable rod—is a great tool to maintain the sharpness of your knives. It is recommended that you use this tool once a week or fortnight, depending on how often you use your knives. If your knife is completely blunt, you will need to use the whetstone, as the steel is more for the regular maintenance of knife sharpness. Does WÜSTHOF have sharpening steels? You bet they do. Here’s how a beginner can put one to work:

How to Use a Sharpening Steel

Chef Rantissi loves to talk knives, in case it’s not yet obvious. Here are some extra pointers he threw our way:

General Knife Pointers

From flexible fillet knives to powerful cleavers to premium whetstones and more, WÜSTHOF has everything you need to bring out the culinary ninja lurking inside you. The brand has been manufacturing knives for over 200 years in Solingen, Germany—also known as the “home of knives”. Not only do they offer a lifetime warranty on every knife, but they even provide a complimentary sharpening service for WÜSTHOF customers within Australia. You can find their signature slicers in famous kitchens around the world, and score one for yourself through the following retailers: David Jones, Myer, Kitchen Warehouse, Peter’s of Kensington and selected independent stores. It could very well change your life.

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