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How to Mix & Match Your Blazer and Trousers | Man of Many

When you need an outfit for the weekend that’s a cut above cargo shorts and a daggy polo, reaching for your best suit should be the first port of call. Starting with the jacket, throw it over a pair of denim jeans and a plain white t-shirt to see how the colours work.

Nailing “Smart Casual” by mixing a blazer with trousers

One of the biggest fears almost any guy will face when curating an outfit is how to successfully clash textures and patterns, especially if wearing a splash of colour. The rule usually dictates that one should never wear stripes with spots, or anything along those lines, but the reality is that this adage is just the safest mantra to live by if you’re useless at putting the perfect outfit together, which let’s be honest, many of us are.

Working with texture

A simple rule to live by here is that a blue or navy jacket goes great with mid-wash jeans and bone / white chinos; a grey blazer works best with dark-wash jeans (or even black jeans / trousers) and a brown jacket will always be best with navy pants.

Don’t go overboard with clashing colours

You can tell a lot about a man by what he puts on his feet. Mixing your blazer and suit trousers with other items opens the door to a world of possibilities, but there are still a few things of which to take note when choosing fineries for your feet.

The shoes maketh the outfit

It’s important to remember that while you’re experimenting with different looks, some things will never really work. Take the idea of clashing textures: it’s a great look, but there’s a thin blue (or any coloured) pinstripe between flash and fail.

What not to do

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