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Simple Classic Cocktail - How to Make a Caipiroska | Man of Many

Before the “why” we should first ask the “what”, as in “what is a Caipiroska”? In spite of a somewhat Russian-sounding name (appropriate for a vodka drink), the Caipiroska comes to us from South America and is most popular in countries like Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. The Caipiroska is a close cousin to the more widely known Caipirinha, which uses a spirit called cachaca as its source. Replace cachaca with vodka and voila! You’re drinking a Caipiroska.

Why Drink Caipiroska?

VDKA 6100 is a relatively new brand picking up tons of momentum thanks to some outside the box distilling and an exceptionally smooth pour. The brand was recently awarded a 91 Point Gold Medal at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in New York and you can find it behind the bar at some of the best drinking spots in the world. Plus, they have Robert DeNiro as a spokesman and that in and of itself is simply awesome.

The Perfect Vodka

When we said the Caipiroska was “simple” we weren’t kidding. Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

Caipiroska Recipe

Using a muddle stick, crush 6 lime wedges and the sugar in a tumbler glass.

Step 1.

Add VDKA 6100.

Step 2.

Fill half the glass with ice.


Stir thoroughly.

Step 4.

Top with ice.

Step 5.

Garnish with a lime wedge.

Step 6.

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