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Photography Tips for Using the GoPro Hero 7 | Man of Many

GoPro cameras work best in full sun, think the middle of the day or anytime after sunrise or before sunset. That being said if you are shooting in low light, a rad GoPro image is still possible but let’s save that for another article.


Most GoPro action shots that you’ll see on Instagram would have been captured using this setting. It’s super simple, you have three options, 30 photos over six seconds, 30 photos over three seconds, or 30 photos over two seconds. Set the camera to burst photo mode and select the appropriate burst based on the action you’re about to perform.

Burst Photo Mode

An alternative to using the burst setting is time-lapse photo mode. Set your GoPro up on a photo time-lapse which captures a range of photos over time. The beauty of time-lapse photo mode paired is that you can capture epic GoPro photos without any help from your mates. Set the camera up on a bench or a tripod and trigger the GoPro to start taking time-lapse photos. Again there is a range of time intervals which you can choose from.

Time-lapse Photo Mode

There’s a number of different options out there when it comes to selfie sticks. GoPro themselves offer the GoPro Shorty, the three-way tripod and the El-Grande. GoPro is best known for its wide-angled field of view, it also performs and looks best when capturing the action with this aesthetic.

Selfie Stick

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