Mr Scott Purcell, CFA

5 Reasons Why True Protein is the Best Tasting in Australia | Man of Many

True Protein include only the best whole food ingredients in their products, only ever including what’s absolutely essential in every formula. Organic where possible, all ingredients used by True are there with a purpose, with no unnecessary fillers or additives.

1. Their supplements are all natural

True don’t just source supplements from anywhere that’s cheap and easy. They go to great lengths to source raw materials from all over the globe and then blend them together in their on-site facility before they’re sent out to customers. You want the best for your body and so do they.

2. They source the best ingredients from around the world

The products begin as ideas and then are researched, tried, tested and tried again. Everything is formulated and developed under the supervision of their in-house accredited Sports Dietitian to deliver products that not only taste delicious, but are also great for your body.

3. Their products are backed by science

True Protein don’t hide anything on their ingredients lists because, well, they’re proud of them! You can read their nutritional panels with confidence knowing that only the best goes into every bag.

4. They’re committed to 100% transparency

Whether you’re a die-hard chocoholic or go nuts for anything peanut butter – there is a huge range of products available in a multitude of flavours. Consistently described as the best tasting brand on the market, it’s hard to believe you’re drinking something that’s good for you.

5. They have something for everyone

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