samsung galaxy s6 and s6 edge cases design

10 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Cases

Just a few days till the “Next Big Things”—the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge—officially hit the market. By now you’ve already put money down on a pre-order. So it’s just a matter of patiently waiting for April 10th to come around. Just enough time to go out and shop for the must-have accessory every phone requires these days: a case.

With the company ditching plastic in favor of a smooth-glass-and-matte-metal design, the S6 line is just as beautiful, but also more fragile than ever. In fact it has us scared to drop either of these beauties. Hence why we put together this collection of safeguards made to keep either device looking fresh without ever compromising protection. Save yourself the hassle and research time by peeping our list of the best cases for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

1. Mophie Juice Pack

It usually takes Mophie several months after a major smartphone launch to release an accompanying charging case. Looks like the company is ahead of schedule recently announcing a Juice Pack variant for both S6 models. Get up to double the battery power, talk time, and Internet use on a 3,300mAh battery. Plus take advantage of the company’s Impact-Isolation System, which gives extra cushioning on the inside for impact absorption. Note to self: pre-order one ASAP.

Model(s): Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge
Price: $100

Mophie Juice Pack

samsung s6 matte brown leather wallet case

2. Case-Mate Brown Leather Wallet

Unless you’re someone who carries tons of plastic and a wad of cash everywhere, there’s no reason why you should leave the house with billfold in hand. Instead, travel in lighter, sophisticated style with Case-Mate’s genuinely handcrafted leather case. Give those denim pockets a breather by storing both your smartphone and wallet essentials inside here.

Model: Galaxy S6
Price: $60

Case-Mate Brown Leather Wallet

samsung s6 edge color curved case view

3. Samsung Clear View Cover

Samsung’s answer to the HTC Dot View is a more transparent alternative that allows users to view battery life and time, while screening calls and messages without ever opening the cover. It clips onto the back of the S6 Edge to make for less bulk and features a fold to secure the vibrant curved screen. Choose from four bold tints: including black, blue, gold, and silver.

Model: Galaxy S6 Edge
Price: $56

Samsung Clear View Cover

samsung s6 incipio stowaway case

4. Incipio Stowaway

Not sold on wallet flap cases? That’s cool. Incipio has a contemporary solution for you in the Stowaway—a protection sleeve that doubles as a credit card holder and phone stand for on-the-go viewing. A shock-absorbent Flex2O core combined with a soft-touch Plextonum polycarbonate shell makes for dual thickness that instantly absorbs impact.

Model: Galaxy S6
Price: $35

Incipio Stowaway 

samsung s6 edge kate spade new york

5. Kate Spade New York Hybrid Hard Shell

Don’t be fooled by the fashion label. Kate Spade surprisingly offers a sleek collection of metrosexual-esque cases that look great on the S6. Hard shell construction flaunting chic patterns on top of a glossy finish adds an extra layer of swagger onto an already cutting-edge device.

Model: Galaxy S6 Edge
Price: $40

Kate Spade New York Hybrid Hard Shell

samsung s6 otterbox front and rear view

6. Otterbox Defender Series (Customizable)

Built like a tank, the Defender Series has proven time and time again that no matter what phone it houses, it’s practically impervious to all sorts of damage. The S6 gets heavy-duty coverage from this three-layer chassis that also delivers dust and shockproof results. You even have the luxury of pimping out the rugged protector in different shell and slipcover colors.

Model: Galaxy S6
Price: $60

Otterbox Defender Series (Customizable)

samsung s6 edge uag ash case view

7. Urban Armor Gear Ash

UAG’s latest armor shell for Samsung’s curvier variant is a great balance of design, functionality, and protection. Its patented composite construction feels comfortably light and sturdy in-hand. Then there’s the perfectly engineered bezel on the back that eliminates flash interference to ensure sharp image quality. You’re looking at an all-around performer.

Model: Galaxy S6 Edge
Price: $35

Urban Armor Gear Ash

samsung s6 flip case

8. Samsung S-View Clip Cover

Granting instant access to critical features directly on a smart, interactive window, the S-View case has become the hallmark accessory of Samsung’s mobile lineup. Using the panel to access contacts, preview messages, and enable instant commands like Quick Camera with the swipe of a finger makes for great selling points. Though we find its stylistic efforts to be more attractive with Samsung integrating an intelligent color system that recognizes the case color and personalizes the view window interface based on it.

Model: Galaxy S6
Price: $50

Samsung S-View Clip Cover

samsung s6 edge incipio yellow case

9. Incipio DualPro

Designed for the urbanite, Incipio’s two-piece cover is equipped with two layers of defense to protect the handset from surface shock and scratches, therefore keeping clumsy hipsters in check. Funky colors and strong build quality are two more reasons why it remains a fan favorite.

Model: Galaxy S6 Edge
Price: $30

Incipio DualPro

samsung s6 spigen neo hybrid metal

10. Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal

The “metallic bravado” and sleek profile of this case suits the upscale presence of the Galaxy S6. The Neo Hybrid’s boasts a diamond-cut aluminum bumper that wraps around the anti-stretch TPU material to sustain the toughest bumps in grand fashion. Dual-layer covering takes care of shock dispersion with ease.

Model: Galaxy S6
Price: $35

Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal